Bachelor In Paradise’s Luke McLeod Finally Comes Clean About Lisa

"I stuffed up, there was someone else involved and I'm sorry"

They were the Bachelor in Paradise success story, together from day one and seemingly able to withstand anything (even the advances of Michael). But after they left Paradise early to pursue their relationship in the real world, Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde have revealed they’re no longer in a relationship – because Luke cheated on a boy’s night.

Lisa was the first to publicly acknowledge the split, telling news.com.au that “trust is broken” and calling for Luke “to be a man and own up to what he did.”

Now, he has. Speaking to marie claire this morning, Luke comes clean about the cheating incident that ruined his relationship, and where he stands with Lisa – and Michael – now. 

It looked like you needed some convincing to leave Paradise – why was that?

It was a difficult decision because at the time we’d just got over the beat-up of the Michael situation and I was keen to spend some quality time with Lisa to get to know her on a deeper level, without any of the complexities of real life. So yeah, I did struggle with that at first. But after thinking about it, I thought it was the right decision to give it a go, because I think she is an incredible woman.

How long did the relationship last?

Filming finished in early December, keep in mind that the filming was only for three weeks; it seems like a longer time, but you’re really still getting to know someone. Then things kind of broke down in January. So we were probably trying to work things out for a few weeks before that.


Can you tell us what happened?

It’s difficult to talk about because I respect her a lot, but there was a breaking of trust and I apologise and I’m sorry for that, it’s hard because our relationship is so public, but there’s things you try to work out just with each other. All I can say is I stuffed up, there was someone else involved and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to take responsibility and move forward.

Do you wish you were still together?

What’s meant to be is meant to be. I care a lot for her, but it was tough. I think right now we need to give each other space and time. I hope when things settle down a bit we can reconnect at some level, but right now it’s just important that I give her the space that she deserves and needs.

What are your thoughts towards Michael?

After Michael gave his rose to Lisa, I was taken aback, but I don’t have any hard feelings towards him. I can try to understand where he’s coming from and from Lisa’s point of view as well. I wouldn’t say we’re mates, but if I saw him we’d be civil.

Who do you think are the most genuinely in love couples on the show?

Sam and Tara. Seeing it there, it just worked. It was really quite beautiful to watch them happen, to be honest with you. They just suit each other so well and it just seemed easy for them.

Are you seeing someone else?

No. Right now I’m just trying to get through this, focus on work and I’ve got good people around me to get me through this and move forward.

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