Every Couple We’re Hoping For On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

A girl can dream

After five seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ and three seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’, ‘The Bachelor’ franchise has brought as many viewers as it has heartbreaks. Now with the premiere of the ‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ less than two weeks away (Can the 27th please come already?), we have done some investigating and have paired our favourite Aussie Bachelors and Bachelorettes we believe will find love together in paradise.

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Tara and Apollo

With Tara’s quirks and Apollo’s gentle nature, we believe these two would be a match made in paradise.   Both contestants have revealed that they’re genuinely looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise despite any speculation of a romance. However, Tara has been linked to other contestants on the show after sparking relationship rumours with Davey Lloyd and Jake Ellis.  


Throughout Australia’s Bachelor and Bachelorette history, there has been no same sex couples featured on the show…until now! Elora Murger and Megan Marx are reportedly an item after meeting while filming the series in Fiji. Recent footage has emerged in a recent trailer for Bachelor in Paradise of the two contestants engaging in heavy romance.  Megan made headlines after she walked out on Richie Strahan during an intense rose ceremony. She then pursued a relationship with former contestant Tiffany Scanlon however the two have now split. Both women have shared Instagram photos of each other since filming has commenced leading us to speculate that these two are an item.


Jarrod and Keira

After the world’s most heartbreaking breakup on the last season of the Bachelorette, it appears that Jarrod Woodgate has moved on! He has been spotted engaging in heavy-duty PDA with former Bachelor ‘villain’ Keira Maguire two months ago confirming that they are in fact a couple. There has even been speculation that the pair have gotten engaged! 


Michael and Laurina

Michael failed to find love with Sam Frost however could he have a second chance with Laurina Fleure? Turnbull expressed a strong interest in Laurina whilst speaking to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O before the filming of the Bachelor in Paradise series began. He also left a cheeky comment on Instagram snap of Laurina and Keira. Dropping a hint maybe?


Jake and Florence

Jake was left heartbroken after being dumped by Georgia Love on the Bachelorette in 2016. Yet in a clip for the upcoming series, Ellis has been spotted engaging in a passionate kiss under a waterfall  with a mystery blonde that is rumored to be with the Dutch beauty.


Blake and Nina

Blake was known for being the ‘bad boy’ who infamously spiked poor Jarrod’s pot plant and was off to a slow start with wooing Sophie. Could Nina Rolleston be the one for him? There is no confirmation that the two are a pair yet they do follow each other on Instagram and regularly like each other’s pics!


Leah and Davey

These two would be quite the pair. While Leah has been spotted with Michael Turnbull in the promos for the show, she has recently posted a photo of her and Davey in which she appears to be sitting on his lap. Fellow contestant Jake Ellis commented a red heart on the pic leading us to believe that these two could potentially be an item.


Luke and Lisa 

Lisa appeared on the second season of The Bachelor Australia in 2014 with Blake Garvey – and we all know how that ended! Based on one of the promos for the show, Lisa will form a connection with Luke McLeod, the handsome George Clooney lookalike from Sophie Monk’s season.


Ali and Sam

After her time on the Bachelor, Ali eventually settled down with Dave Waldeck and the pair eventually were engaged however there is no confirmation when or why their relationship ended. There has been no rumored speculation about a possible romance between these two however they do follow each other on social media and regularly like each other’s photos. 

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