Everyone Thinks Bachelor In Paradise’s Laurina And Apollo Are Together

But what about Tara?!?

Bad news for anyone who wanted The Bachelor’s Tara to end up with The Bachelorette’s Apollo (that’s everyone, then) – it ain’t gonna happen.

The first clue came with the Bachelor in Paradise trailer, which hints that Tara actually finds love with former Bachie alum Michael Turnbull. The second clue came with last night’s Family Feud, of all places, which starred key cast members from the new show.

Hear us out: when Family Feud host Grant Denyer asked Laurina what she was looking for in a man, she pretty much answered with Apollo.

“I want a man who’s spiritual, compassionate, caring, affectionate, gentle, loving, tall, dark and handsome,” she says, before the camera pans to – who else? – Apollo.

Adding to the intrigue, later in the episode Apollo confirms that he’s no longer single.

We rest our case.

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