Bachelor In Paradise’s Lisa Hyde Opens Up About Her Split With Luke

'I would choose Luke again'

They were the Bachelor In Paradise golden couple, finding a connection from day 1, Luke and Lisa seemed like they were likely to go the distance.

And last night viewers watched as they decided to leave their island idyll and see if they could make their relationship work in the real world.

But before the episode had even finished, it was revealed the couple had split, and it became evident that something had shady had gone down.

Speaking to marie claire this morning, Lisa has opened up about their relationship, dating in a pressure-filled environment and the public backlash that comes with reality tv.

How are you feeling this morning after watching last nights episode? 

I’m good, it was a little while ago so I’ve had time to get over everything and I’ve got a lot of supportive friends and family.

There’s obviously a lot in the news this morning about your break up with Luke, is there anything you want to clear up/add?

It’s out there, we both don’t want to go into too much detail, as much as we dated in public and we did it on a TV show we are private people and we do both respect each other.

Are you guys in touch?

We have spoken since the show but not over the last week, But we’re on the same page and both just going back to our normal lives and trying to move on. 

Are you both completely done, there’s no chance of a reconciliation?

Once the trust is broken it’s really hard to come back from that.

Luke has spoken out this morning, saying and that it’s not a regular relationship situation and that the pressure of trying to hide everything was quite difficult, did you struggle with that?

I feel like that’s a cop out. Other people that did it as well are still coping, it’s not a hard thing to do. You just leave the show and go back into your lives, and we spent nearly every day together, so to say that it was hard is not true. You obviously have to be respectful of the show and not go out in public, but we broke up before the show even started so no one even knew we were together so it wasn’t anything to be worried about. 

Do you think Luke was on the show for the right reasons?

I hope so, because I certainly was. I gave up a lot to be there and I spent time away from my work and my life and I honestly hope that everyone goes in there for the right reasons.

What has the public response been like?

I’ve had a lot of support, and mainly from women which is good! Women supporting women, saying let’s stand up for each other and not let these guys do it to us. So its been really nice, I’ve had a lot of lovely messages. But in saying that as well Luke and I are very civil and it’s not like I want anyone to go and shame him, these things get out of control and it gets blown up and a lot of people go to social media to bully people and if I can forgive and forget then that’s what I want to pass on. Obviously there was something there and it didn’t work out, and I respect that people are giving me the support but I don’t encourage anyone to be nasty in any way towards him.

Do you have regrets about how you spent your time in there? Do you wish you’d explored your options more, with Michael or anyone else perhaps?

No I don’t have any regrets, we’re all human and we do make mistakes, and if I did it again and was naïve and didn’t know the outcome I would choose Luke again. 

Are you still in touch with anyone else from the show?

I speak to everyone, and everyone has been really supportive. But that’s for me and Luke, its not a bitter thing between anyone, what happened happened and I think we’re all just giving each other support. And that’s for everything that’s going on, we put ourselves out there and we get a lot of backlash and a lot of negative nasty comments through social media, so were all just sticking up for each other.

Which – if any – couples do you think will go the distance?

Yes, and this is what I’m excited for – my friends! There are some really genuine couples in there and I cant wait to share it, it’s really exciting! There was love that’s come out of the show.

Would you do a reality/dating show again?

I don’t think so, I think I need to find someone the old fashioned way, someone more authentic.

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