‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Brittany Hockley Reveals What Working On The Show Is Really Like

"It's not a holiday"

Since the inception of Bachelor in Paradise, contestants have been accused of only applying for both The Bachelor and Bachelorette for the sole purpose of getting onto the show. 

And the idyllic location and seemingly easy gig of being paid to lounge around and sip on cocktails by the beach is certainly not lost on viewers. But as Brittany Hockley reveals, the experience isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

In her podcast with The Bachelor‘s Laura Byrne, the radiographer spilled on the reality of filming reality TV, claiming “I cannot stress this enough: [Bachelor in Paradise] is not a holiday”.

Reminding us all that there are obligations to their time in the sun, “It is constant, it’s a show, you’re working. Yeah, I’m not labouring all day, but it is a job,” she said. And while we see lots of panning footage of contestants lounging around on sun-beds, producers make sure that things never get “boring”. 

To be honest, there’d be moments when you’d be laying around, and the producer will come out and say, ‘Up you get, you’re all boring, you have to get up and go and do something,'” she claimed.

timm hanly

Laura then grilled Brittany on the drinking that goes on in Paradise, as it’s rare we see the guys and girls without a beverage in their hands. 

And she broke down the rules around alcohol while filming for us. Contestants are able to drink whatever the please, but are kept to a two-drink-per-hour maximum but are allowed to be cut off at any point by producers. 

“They have a duty of care, so while you’re allowed that many drinks, the second they think you’ve had too many, or you’re too intoxicated, they’ll cut you off,” she added. 


As far as the food goes, since we’ve all envied those extravagant bulla banquets, contestants can order anything they want from the hotel’s menu, including burgers, chips and steaks.

For Brittany, the best food came in the form of the cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches that came out after they wrapped filming for the day. A girl after our own heart.

She even discussed the awkwardness of what appeared to be a private date that she went on during the show with Timm Hanly. Their sweet outdoor bath scene may have been overlooking a stunning view of a sunset, but the 32-year-old revealed that the other contestants were just a mere 30m away.

So it seems that while the setting and views are dreamy, the reality is a little less romantic than we thought.

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