Ciarran’s Toxic ‘Bro Code’ Reigned Supreme On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ And It’s Not Okay

Niranga deserved SO much better

Following last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, the blatant sexism on the island truly separated the men from the boys.

And despite countless displays of toxic masculinity, Niranga’s nice guy persona ultimately sent him home, while Ciarran and Timm’s behaviour was rewarded with more time in ParadiseAnd as a Bachelor-universe first-timer, it was honestly quite difficult to accept.

If you missed last night’s episode, allow us to explain. 

First, we saw a disheartened Niranga who, after choosing Brittney for his date card, was left empty-handed after she refused to go. Taking her spot, Cass stepped in and the pair headed off on their date, where things went even more downhill.

After telling Cass that he’d like to take their friendship further, she not only bluntly turned him down, but she revealed during her piece-to-camera, that she would no longer be offering friendship roses, knowing it would send him home. However, after finding out that Brittney and Jackson had grown closer, she gave her rose to Jackson before Brittney could—a spiteful move, that had nothing to do with her affection for him (or bad editing, as she claims).

But when we thought ‘bro code’ was behind us, it wasn’t. After Timm returned to Paradise, he was informed of Renee and Matt’s romance, and of course, took Ciarran’s side. Proving that he too, considers women as property, even calling Matt a “dog” for not seeking Ciarran’s permission first.

Yet somehow, despite the clear difference between Niranga, who was genuinely looking for romance, and Ciarran who boasts about dumping women “if a bird a bit more spicy walks in”, it makes no sense that the nice guy was left sans a rose.

And the internet agrees. Twitter had its own thoughts about why Cass, Ciarran and Timm’s toxic behaviour is still being rewarded, and we can’t say that we blame them. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. 


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