A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bar Is Officially Opening

Why didn't this happen sooner?!

Game of Thrones fans who are dying for season seven to begin will love this ingenious idea. 

To celebrate the fast-approaching-but-can’t-come-quick-enough new episodes, a GOT pop-up bar is officially opening. 

Inspired by both Westeros and Essos, the bar, created by the Drink Company, will include recreations of the Hall of Faces and, of course, the Iron Throne.

Fake swords and dragons will also be littered throughout the venue, with themed cocktails including ‘The Imp’s Delight’, ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ and ‘The Lannisters Send Their Regards,’ Entertainment Weekly reports.


As well as the above, all bartenders will be costumed and the show’s theme song will play in the background.

Convinced? So are we. 

The only problem? We’ll have to take a plane (or dragon) to Washington DC – unless they decide to bring the bar across the seven seas to Australia. 

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