‘Game of Thrones’ Just Shared Two New Photos From The Finale

A big surprise is coming

Game of Thrones finale episode is just days away, and the series has teased fans with two new photos from its last episode ever. HBO is being extra secretive about GoT‘s final chapter, only releasing two images for the upcoming episode as opposed to the five to ten pictures they’ve shared for previous instalments. The shots were also moments fans have seen in the latest teaser.

The first photo shows Daenerys Targaryen in the ruins of King’s Landing, looking out at her Unsullied and Dothraki forces. The Mother of Dragon has descended into the ‘Mad Queen’, torching the majority of the capital’s population – including innocent men, women and children. Now with Cersei Lannister dead, the throne is unoccupied. 

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The second image shoes Tyrion Lannister in the burned streets of the city, looking gravely concerned. At the beginning of last week’s episode, the last living Lannister was convinced that his Queen, Dany, would stop attacking the city once they rang the bells to surrender. 


The finale preview also shows the Dothraki army getting riled up and raising their arakhs, followed by a bloodied Arya Stark sceptically peeking out from the military formations. Oddly enough, we don’t see Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen). 

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WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Episode Trailer. 

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