Fans Are Mad At The Way Jamie And Cersei Lannister Died On ‘Game of Thrones’

Um, not okay.

WARNING: This article contains Game of Thrones spoilers.

The Game of Thrones penultimate episode has left fans with a whole lot of mixed feelings, and none of them is good. After losing two of her dragons, Daenerys suddenly learns how to use the remaining one to her advantage, that “advantage” is killing the entire city of King’s Landing to the ground. For Cersei, after watching her city and her people burn to the ground, and after successfully fighting off almost every character the series ever introduced, she dies in the arms of her beloved brother, presumably squished by rubble.

Fans. Are. Not. Happy.

If there was one character whose death viewers were looking forward to most, it would have to have been Cersei. Yet somehow, in an episode that saw the end of plenty of characters, Cersei was given the least satisfying death of the episode, and possibly of the show. Cersei has orchestrated so many deaths, and yet she somehow got treated to a gentle death in the arms of the person she loved most? The internet was not standing for it. 

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