7 Questions ‘Game of Thrones’ Left Unanswered

Like, what was Bran doing?

Game of Thrones is in its eighth and final season, and while we patiently wait week by week to see what shocking events unfold, we can’t help but think that ‘The Long Night’ left more questions than answers. 

Our eyes are so strained from trying to see what was happening in the dark – literally – and have subsequently been left scratching our heads. Below, seven questions left unanswered by Game of Thrones. 

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1. Where the hell did Bran Stark warg to during the Battle of Winterfell? 

According to plan, Bran was stationed under the Weirwood Tree to bait the Night King. At one point, Bran turns to Theon Greyjoy who is defending him and says “I’m going to go now.” He wargs into ravens that fly overhead and spots the Night King, who at that point we hadn’t seen, riding a dragon approaching Winterfell. The purpose of all this is ambiguous, though. Why did he warg? Where did the birds go? Thankfully, Game of Thrones fans are here to help with their endless theories. 

Bran was just luring the night king

This was the plan the whole time, but one user Seoul_Surfer proposed, “I wonder if the Night King can only track him when he’s warging or something like that so he was making sure the NK would come to him.” 

Bran was ‘recording’ memory of the Battle of Winterfell

Bran has been paralysed since season one episode one, so he couldn’t see the Battle of Winterfell. Many have theorised that Bran wanted to get a literal bird’s eye view of the battle. “I thought Bran was RECORDING what was going on. He uses the ravens to watch history to keep a log of it,” one Redditer wrote. 

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bran stark

2. Why did the Night King want Bran in the first place?

We know that the Night King can track Bran ever since he marked him in the season earlier, but we were never actually told what the King of the Dead wanted him for? Are they connected in some way we don’t know about, or did the Night King want to see the tree that Bran was seated in front of? The only theory that has really gained traction around this is that Bran is actually the Night King.

The theory goes that Bran tries to use his powers to go back in time to stop the great war against the undead. The Night King was created when the Children of the Forest plunged a dragonstone blade into the heart of a man, in order to create a monster to use in their war with the First Men. The theory suggests Bran warged into this very man to try and stop the Night King from ever being created, but failed and got trapped inside his body. The Three-Eyed Raven once warned Bran that it was possible to get trapped into the past if you remain there too long. 


3. What was up with that weird library scene?

SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. In the midst of the biggest battle of ever happen in the North, Arya heads to the Winterfell library where she looks visibly terrified (which is confusing in itself seeing as Arya, throughout everything she’s been through has never appeared visibly frightened before). There were around 10 wights or so in the library all of whom she would be able to kill easily. But she hides and tries to escape from the library unnoticed. We’re still looking for answers for this one, but showrunners say it is because Arya is “weak” and “just looking to survive”. Hmm, we don’t buy it considering she was brave enough to kill the Night King. 

4. Couldn’t they have upped the brightness just a TAD?

Maybe we don’t have answers to the library scene because we literally. couldn’t. see. a. thing. 


5. How the hell did Arya get to the Night King — did she jump from a tree or something?

This is one we’re hoping might get answered in the coming episodes, but in the meantime, we have some theories. Considering Arya was trained by the Faceless Men of Braavos, she could have possibly snuck in as a nameless face to edge closer to the Night King before eventually making the final plunge. Or simply, her years of training had allowed her to move as quickly as she did. 

Director Miguel Sapochnik told Entertainment Weekly that the focus was placed on Jon and Bran’s connection with the Night King so the audience would be thrown off, which we were, and perhaps it’s as simple as that. 

6. Why did so many characters survive? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Brienne and Jamie love arc as much as the next person, but why didn’t either of them die? Seriously. In season eight episode two, we were given the amazing scene of Jamie knighting Brienne and giving her whole storyline closure, and it would have made sense for her to have died defending the North and those that rule it. 

7. For that matter, HOW did so many survive? 

Really, at one point Brienne was underneath a pile of wights?! How she got out of that one we’ll never know. 

WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 4 Trailer. 

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