Megan Marx Just Answered The Bachelor In Paradise Question Everyone’s Been Asking

"The answer is YES"

Tonight’s the night Elora – and rumoured Megan Marx love interest – hits the Bachelor in Paradise, so we’re not surprised Marx has taken the opportunity to clear one big question up.

Writing a lengthy post on her Instagram, Marx revealed the one thing everyone’s been asking her: “Can I give my rose to ANYONE? Since I’m openly into guys AND girls?”

“I love that @bachelorinparadiseau and @osher_gunsberg have given me a platform to be who I am and show alternate sexualities,” she continues. “Yes, I am aware that I was going into a show where people would be predominantly straight. A concern was that I would make women on the show feel uncomfortable- the last thing I wanted was to make a move on someone that didn’t swing my way! Not one person in Paradise made me feel less than normal, less than loved, less than accepted.”

“I came onto the show looking for a monogamous relationship, that’s all. And so- the answer is that YES – I was allowed to give my rose to anyone,” she concludes.

Now THAT makes for a very interesting rose ceremony now that Elora’s in town – we have a feeling the guys are going to be feeling a lot less comfortable from now on.

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