Osher Gunsberg Had A Lot To Say About Ivan’s Behaviour On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Following Thursday night’s episode of Bachelor In ParadiseIvan Krslovic has been slammed for his behaviour towards fellow co-star Tenille Favios. Host Osher Gunsberg couldn’t help but comment on the possessive and frankly disturbing behaviour shown by Ivan. 

“Listen, Ivan,” Osher wrote to Twitter. “Respect what SHE wants, mate.” 

The episode saw Tenille tell Ivan that she needed to be less possessive and “pull back the reigns a little bit.” 

Instead of listening, viewers cringed as Ivan instead held her hand and kissed her forehead. 

A clearly frustrated Tenille snapped, “What did I just say? You’ve just held my hand and kissed my head in the space of ten seconds.”

Tenille eventually chooses to end things with Ivan telling him, “I do like you, and I enjoy spending time with you. But I just think this whole thing happened so quickly and it overwhelmed me. I am sorry, but I think from my point of view we need to sort of…call it off.” 

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