Fireman Cam Is Rumoured To Be Australia’s New Bachelor

But there's a twist

Get excited, people, because it looks like we finally know who Australia’s next Bachelor is. 

Georgia Love’s former flame, Cam Cranley (AKA Fireman Cam), is widely rumoured to be stepping up from reject Bachelorette contestant to Bachelor this year.

According to sources who spoke to New Idea, Cam’s absence from Bachelor In Paradise basically confirmed that he was being considered for the Bachie top spot.

“That kind of confirmed he was in the running,” the insider said. “Cam is so popular and still single so it would be an obvious choice to have him on Paradise.” 

But wait, there’s more. 

According to the publication, Network Ten is not just signing Cam up as Bachelor, his brother Kyle is also joining the dating show.

While we have absolutely no idea how the show will work with two Bachelors, apparently the pair are inseparable and will be very entertaining.

“The two brothers are practically inseparable anyway. They have a great friendship, are always socialising together, making fun of each other and it will work well on television,” the source continued.

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