Apparently, We’re Not Seeing The “Full Story” Behind Irena And Bella’s Falling Out

A 'Bachelor' star has confirmed there was more at play

If you left last night’s Bachelor episode scratching your head, you’re not alone. Things went south for former friends Bella and Irena, with the fan favourites having yet another argument over, you guessed it, Locky. 

It all started at one of the group dates, Bella kissed a blindfolded Locky’s heart while Irena drew a heart in the same spot, which Bella claimed she had done on purpose. We later saw Bella confide in Locky about her suspicions over Irena, causing even more drama between the pair. 

But fans are questioning what actually started the downfall between the pair. Well, one former Bachelor contestant has revealed there’s more to the story.  

The eagle-eyed team at The Wash noticed Izzy posting an intriguing comment on Instagram, before swiftly deleting it, which we know doesn’t work with how many super-sleuth Bachie fans there are out there. 

A viewer posted a comment speculating that Bella’s “insecurities are ruining her chances with Locky Gilbert,” with Izzy slyly responding: “Or maybe you’re just not seeing the full story.” 

What story! Tell us!


The new drama comes as the So Dramatic podcast revealed the alleged “real reason” behind their fight, which aired last week. 

In the episode, the fight between the best friends was seemingly centred around how much time each of them were spending with Locky.

But according to podcast host Megan Pustetto, while Bachelor producers did not show the full story, one reason behind it was the “obvious underlying jealousy” from Bella after she noticed Irena and Locky’s close connection, and that she couldn’t remain friends with her biggest competition.

However, the main reason why the pair began their feud was allegedly due to a “body-shaming incident” that took place off screen and since the incident, “they are no longer friends”.

According to the podcast, Irena told Steph that Bella had “body-shamed” her, from there Steph confronted Bella who denied the accusation. Bella then supposedly recruited a “mean girl clique” which included Bella, Izzy, Madi and Steph.

From there, the group devised a plan to reveal Irena’s supposed manipulative nature to Locky. And apparently said group only backed Bella’s plans in order to be in her good books which could lead to increased screen time for them.

According to Pustetto, the feud is said to continue all the way up until the end of the season, with none of the other girls wanting to be around either Bella or Irena for fear that someone would get thrown under the bus.

With rumours alleging that Irena and Bella end up as Locky’s final two, we have a feeling the drama isn’t over yet. 

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