‘The Bachelor’s’ Locky Gilbert Apologises After Racist Social Media Post Resurfaces

"I do not hold these views and I apologise for the offence I have caused"

While The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert is currently in the midst of a journey to find ‘true love’, the reality star has been forced to publicly apologise off-screen after a racist post from his Myspace page resurfaced online this week. 

The image, which was uncovered by the Daily Mail, was shared by Locky in 2004 when he was a 16-year-old high school student in Perth, WA. 

It features a map of Australia with the words: “F**k off we’re full”, an anti-immigrant and anti-refugee slogan. The image also featured the Southern Cross constellation and the words ‘Aussie Pride’. 

On Thursday, Locky apologised for the comments via a statement to Daily Mail Australia. 

“I am deeply sorry for the image I posted on MySpace over 14 years ago,” he said. “I do not hold these views and I apologise for the offence I have caused.” 


The post comes after many Australian viewers (and even past contestants) called out for the franchise for its lack of diversity over the years. Most recently, many took issue with Channel 10’s decision to cast sisters Elly and Becky Miles as dual 2020 Bachelorettes. 

Bachelor In Paradise alum Mary Viturino was just one who called out the lack of diversity the series continues to promote, taking to Instagram to share her thoughts on the announcement. 

Posting a photo of all the former Bachelorettes – from Sam Frost to Sophie Monk – Mary wrote: “While every single one of these women are beautiful, inspiring and deserving to find love, I was hoping Bachelorette would have listened to the Australian public – who have been asking for more diversity,” adding, that even when POC are cast they receive a “lack of screen time” and pointed to Niranga Amarasinghe as an example. 

Mary went on to add that there were so many “boss Indigenous past contestants” that could have been cast, including Brooke Blurton and Renee Barrett. 


Niranga echoed the same sentiments, even accusing one of his former castmates of racism. 

“When one particular [person] comes out saying they got a bad edit, it infuriated me,” he wrote. “There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from.”

“Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from. I accept rejection it’s life, but this I don’t…not once have they ever apologised. You know the one.” 

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