‘The Bachelor’s’ Promo Photo Of Locky Just Leaked The Winner

Well, that settles it

While many are still playing the guessing game ahead of tonight’s Bachelor finale, it seems Channel 10 has confirmed who wins Locky’s heart in a promo photo released just hours before. 

Taking to Instagram, Locky reflected on the “crazy adventure” the Bachie journey has been, adding, “Now it’s straight onto the next biggest and best adventure with the love of my life.” 

But while the caption and pose of the leading man in a suit might look like any other posted in the last several weeks, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a major clue that Irena is the one to walk away with Locky’s heart. 

As pointed out by the Daily Mail, Locky’s pocket square is made from a cut-off of Irena’s leopard-print gown. 

Case in point: 


The pair are even in the same neutral colour palette, as opposed to Bella who was dressed in a strapless purple-hued gown. 

While all signs point to Irena winning, there’s a wild new rumour that suggests Locky’s finale might supersede Nick Cummin’s disastrous season finish.

Following mounting evidence that Locky is actually single, an insider has spoken to Daily Mail and said that Locky reportedly chooses a winner, is rejected by said winner and then asks the runner-up he rejected to take him back.

According to the publication, Locky — who we knew from the early trailers was going to end up in a love triangle — “actually dumps Irena and chooses Bella Varelis in the finale — but Bella turns him down because she can’t handle the fact he is also in love with Irena.”

Per the outlet’s source, Locky does a quick 180 and “begs” the 31-year-old nurse to take him back, and she “tentatively agrees to begin a relationship with him”.

Only time will tell! 

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