The Best Twitter Reactions To ‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s 2020 Finale

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It’s officially here! The finale of The Bachelor Australia has wrapped, and we said a final “ahoy hoy” to Locky Gilbert—and in the most dramatic way possible.

Pondering on the complexities of dating multiple women at one time, his conundrum with choosing between Irena and Bella began early on. So what does one do when faced with a life-altering decision? Ask Mum, of course.

Having a sweet (and socially-distanced) lunch together, Locky and his mum bond over potential polygamy, and from there, he drove the two remaining ladies through some mud, and professed his love for both of them.

However, as the final rose ceremony drew near, things got even muddier for poor ol’ Locky, who admitted that “you don’t break up with someone that you love”, the thought of which led him to tears.

Rumours aside, Locky came to a decision, choosing Irena. And just like that, season eight came to a close.

Full of tears, love and drama—Twitter certainly knew how to keep us entertained throughout.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best reactions to the final of The Bachelor Australia:


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