‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Top Three Contestants Have Been Leaked

And we honestly can't pick the winner

If new photos are to be believed, The Bachelor Australia’s top three contestants have been leaked, and we officially cannot decide who is going to walk away the winner of Locky Gilbert’s heart.

Per paparazzi shots published in The Daily Mail, the top three appear to consist of former Twitter favourite Bella Varelis, nurse Irena Srbinovska and intruder Bec Cvilikas.

And while we knew the three were amongst the final five, it appears the pointy of the season will be quite the love triangle — as teased in the show’s 75 trailers — with former ‘best friends’ Irena and Bella’s blow-up seemingly not affecting their standing with Locky.

At this stage, SportsBet is currently tipping Irena to win, with odds of $1.60, followed by Bella with $2.40 and Bec Cvilikas at a somewhat more distant $7.00.

A number of Instagram clues in recent weeks also seemingly hint that Irena wins Locky’s final rose. One of the most notable saw the Melbourne-based nurse responding to a fan on her page, which many took to confirm her standing as the season’s winner.

“I hope we get some more love story and less of the drama—I have stopped watching for now,” a fan commented on a post.

In response, Irena wrote: “The love story is coming I promise,” which was accompanied by a smiling face with love-heart emoji.

Of course, while you can’t put much stock into Instagram clues, the photos do appear pretty real and only time will tell who actually walks away this season’s victor!

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