‘The Bachelor’s’ Second Episode Goes From “Ranga-Gate” To “Intruder-Gate”

"Hell hath no fury like a white person mildly inconvenienced"

While the first episode of The Bachelor Australia brought about ‘Ranga-Gate’, the second would see an intruder take centre stage (but not without some romance in-between, of course). 

Predictably, front-runner Bella received the first single-date getting swept away to go sunset sailing with Locky on Sydney’s Harbour.

This was quickly followed by the equally-as-predictable group photo-shoot the contestants undertake early on in the series, which sees some women dressed up to the nines, while others forced to make the most of a costume – in this case, Steph proving she’s got what it takes to woo Locky even while dressed as a dad. 

Inevitably, the annual affair brings about the behind-the-scenes drama as the ladies battle it out for the Bachie’s attention. While some stepped on toes to get what they wanted (*ahem* Zoe-Clare), others simply faded into the background.

As always, the people of Twitter sum it up best. Here are the best reactions: 


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