Rumour Has It, ‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2021 Has Already Been Cast And Fired Prior To Filming

Looks like he did not receive a rose

With the new year comes a fresh crop of reality television set to keep us glued to our screens. And while the new season of Married At First Sight will surely have us glued to our screens, there’s already some The Bachelor Australia drama to sink our teeth into for 2021.

As while this year’s eligible bachelor is yet to be named, the rumour mill has already figured out who the lucky chap is.

According to our favourite reality TV gossip podcast So Dramatic!, comedian and I’m A Celebrity contestant Ash Williams was set to take out the leading role to the dismay of many.

While Williams’ status as yet-another moderately famous white male receiving the top spot has caused obvious tensions, there was one particular incident that has apparently taken him out of the running as Australia’s next Bachelor.

“As we know it was revealed he had been charged with intentionally recording an intimate image without consent, during a sexting incident on the 18th of December last year,” Pustetto revealed.

“Following these charges, Channel 10 made the decision to dump him and cancel his Bachelor contract. So we’re already up to our Plan B Bachelor.”

“A source close to Ash told So Dramatic! that he’s been in talks for years to be The Bachelor, but has never been successful in securing the role. Last year he was in the final stages as well, but he was beaten by Locky, and the year before, the same again, with Matt.”

The charges that Pustetto refers to is that of recorded intimate images taken of a woman without her consent while engaging in phone sex on FaceTime, according to the Sunday Telegraph. Facing a Sydney court next month, Williams allegedly took screenshots of a woman without her knowledge, where she only became aware of the footage after being sent the images by Williams. 

Following investigations, NSW Police confirmed that a 38-year-old man had been charged and is due to appear in court on February 1, where he is facing up to three years behind bars.

“In November 2020, officers from Inner West Police Area Command received a report of an offence allegedly committed by a 38-year-old man,” NSW Police said in a statement to NCA NewsWire.

“Following further investigations, the man was charged with intentionally record intimate image without consent on Friday, 18 December 2020.” 

In a statement regarding the allegations, Williams claims that he was “completely blindsided” and addressed that he will defend himself. 

“I’m really upset by the ­allegation and I’m distressed about the impact it’s had on members of my family, particularly my mum,” Williams told the Sunday Telegraph. “The allegation has left me feeling shocked and confused. I don’t propose to make any further comment and look forward to resolving the matter in court.” 

Williams is currently appearing on the latest season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, which was prerecorded prior to the allegations, meaning that it’s still unclear whether Network 10 will edit Williams out of the show entirely.

Either way, Pustetto continues to reveal how his role on the show was a way to win public favour prior to his Bachelor entrance, stating: “I’m a Celebrity was a way for Channel 10 to slowly introduce him to audiences and gauge their reaction to him.”

“They thought that he would be well-liked but after these charges…Not only have Channel 10 cut him from the Bachelor, but they have also cut ties with him completely. They are even not including him in social media posts, he is completely banished.”

As to who will take his spot as Australia’s next Bachelor, only time will tell.

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