‘The Bachelorette’s’ Frazer Neate Has Allegedly Been With At Least Six Other Women Since The Finale

Trouble in paradise

While the latest—and least eventful—season of The Bachelorette Australia has come and gone, the long-awaited drama from this year’s contestants looks to be catching up with us well after the finale.

The latest to feel the heat is Elly Miles’ chosen winner, Frazer Neate.

Recently, Frazer has already been in hot water after admitting that he wasn’t sure if he saw a future with Elly and it seems like the drama isn’t over yet.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto claims that six anonymous sources told her that Frazer has allegedly been sleeping with other women and sliding into their DMs behind Elly Miles‘ back.

And while the truth behind the rumours hasn’t been validated, Pustetto revealed that Frazer has been up to some suspicious behavior since filming wrapped.

“Frazer has slept with a few people after the Bachelorette finished filming, he has not been well-behaved, let’s just say that,” said Pustetto, reading out texts from the anonymous ‘witness one’.

“He has invited a few girls over to stay at his house since, everyone knows everyone and finds out everything in Brisbane.”

From there, Pustetto went on to anonymous ‘witness two’, who was apparently invited onto the podcast but chose to turn it down for anonymity.

“He was messaging me to have babies with him before he left for The Bachelorette, just days before,” said Pustetto, reading the messages from ‘witness two’.

Then, ‘witness three’ spoke to the podcast and revealed a couple of ‘text message receipts’ between them and Frazer, but without the visuals, it’s hard to determine its legitimacy.

Reading the messages, Frazer allegedly texted things such as “come round if you wanna,” I want to “somehow smoke bomb to get to you”, “just come over”, among others.

Keeping it fairly straightforward, ‘witness four’ wrote in to say “Yes, I did hook up with Frazer after filming… just tell Elly that he hasn’t been faithful and he never will be.”

Anonymous ‘witness five’ shared their information, saying “So many of his friends have been saying that at the end of the season he was faking so hard to pretend to like Elly just for airtime.”

And to wrap it all up, ‘witness six’ claimed that there were actually “three girls” that Frazer “definitely slept with after the show stopped filming,” and even suggested that there were “heaps more.”

And while one would think that the above information would be enough to call it quits, Elly has continued to answer fan questions about their relationship on Instagram. According to her, the pair are still going strong.

Elly and Frazer
(Credit: @ellymiles)

And while we wait for the dust to settle, all we can really do is take Elly’s word for it.

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