The First Trailer For Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ TV Series Is Here

This is what dream casts are made of.
(L-R) Marli Siu as Nell, Emma Appleton as Maggie, Bel Powley as Birdy and Aliyah Odoffin as Amara.

When Dolly Alderton was in her 20s, she became one of the most well-known young journalists of her generation. But behind the hustle of career trajectory, navigating workplaces and starting a not-so-little podcast, Dolly was encountering the highs and lows of love.  

So what does a writer do when they’re experiencing the all-encompassing phenomenon that is love in all its weird and wonderful forms? Write about it—and that’s exactly what she did.

The British Sunday Times columnist sat down and wrote her memoir, Everything I Know About Love—a story delving into some of her biggest lessons and learnings from her twenties, and not just in the romantic sense. 

The paperback is filled with anecdotes and moments with those she loves the most—It discusses the kind of love only possible between two friends who’ve known each other their entire lives, it visits the reliant love between University friends, felt at times of deep uncertainty. It dives into love for family, and love for friends’ family. And of course, Alderton ponders everything she’s learned about romantic love, and how in the grand scheme of things, that’s only a grain in the sprawling sands of life.

These days, Dolly can call herself a celebrated author, podcast host, journalist, and a producer—Everything I Know About Love is set to get the television treatment via BBC and Working Title, and suffice to say it’s already got a legion of fans following every update. 

Now, we’ve got our first look at the star-studded cast in the adaptation. See the stills below and read on for every detail we know (so far) about Everything I Know About Love‘s TV series. 

Dolly Alderton—a voice of the millennial generation.

What will the TV series Everything I Know About Love be about? 

Adapted from Alderton’s acclaimed memoir, the television series is set to follow two childhood besties named Maggie and Birdy. Presumably, the characters are directly based on Dolly and her best friend Farley, who is a key personality in her memoir. 

The show will hone in on the year 2012 while the twenty-something women live in a London share-house. It will flashback to scenes from their pre-teen and teenage years together in the early 2000s, piecing an honest and relatable testimonial of the trials and tribulations of adolescence and how that shapes us into adulthood. As ever, the theme of love—romantic and platonic—will reign throughout. 

WATCH BELOW: Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love Official Trailer

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Who will star in the TV series Everything I Know About Love? 

The Witcher‘s Emma Appleton and Bel Powley of The Morning Show notoriety will take the lead roles as Maggie and Birdy (respectively). 

Joining them is Scottish actress Marli Siu (known for Our Ladies) and Gangs Of London‘s Jordan Peters. 

Directing the series is China Moo-Young, who is known for Sky TV’s Intergalactic, and The High Low‘s Dolly Alderton herself will be a co-producer on the show. 

See the first look at the actors in character below. 

BBC (Credit: (L-R) Bel Powley as Birdy and Emma Appleton as Maggie.)
Emma Appleton as Maggie. (Credit: BBC)
(L-R) Marli Siu as Nell, Emma Appleton as Maggie, Bel Powley as Birdy and Aliyah Odoffin as Amara. (Credit: BBC)
Emma Appleton as Maggie and Connor Finch as Street. (Credit: BBC)

Where was Everything I Know About Love filmed? 

The show was filmed in various locations across Manchester and London, with the plot itself largely based in London. 

When and where will the TV series Everything I Know About Love be released? 

Everything I Know About Love is set to drop on June 8, 2022. And for fans in Australia, the highly-anticipated series will be available to watch exclusively on Stan.

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