Why Will No One Perform At King Charles III’s Coronation?

This is an event organiser's worst nightmare.

As anyone who has ever organised a major party or celebration will know, working with suppliers can be very tough! Performers are finicky, guests drop out at the last minute and dealing with catering (plus dietary requirements) often turns into a bigger palaver than it’s worth.

Though, when you’re the King of England, you’d think that these mundane stresses are somewhat alleviated. You’d assume if you’re the head of the English monarchy and you throw a party, that everyone would be elated to come, right?

So if that’s the case, why does no one want to perform at King Charles III’s coronation?

Given that for many of us, it’s the first royal coronation we’ve been alive to see,  you’d think everyone would be dying to attend. But rather than the excitement and jubilation that should follow King Charles being annointed as King, it’s turning into quite the PR nightmare for Buckingham Palace.

Simply put: King Charles III can’t find anyone to sing at his little soirée. We jest, but should we be concerned that the head of the state can’t pull a few strings to at least get someone on stage?

And if we look at his predecessor, the late Queen Elizabeth, she had an entire piece written by famous composer Arnold Bax for her coronation, so surely Charles can get Adele to play Rolling In The Deep?

Below, everything you need to know about the controversy surrounding the performance at King Charles III’s coronation.

What does it say about the state of the monarchy if the head of the royal family can’t get a Grammy winner to sing at his party? (Credit: Source: Getty)

Who Is Performing At King Charles III’s Coronation?

That’s the million dollar question on everyone’s lips: who will provide the music for the occasion? And so far the best guess we have is Take That.

The Y2K boy band is most famously known now as a blip on Robbie Williams’ meteoric rise to success, but reports are claiming that Williams has turned down the official invitation.

But fear not, King Charles III has a secret card hidden up his sleeve: The X Factor runner-up Olly Murs?

Surely there must be someone brave enough to step up to the plate and fill the gig, especially considering England’s best and brightest musicians had no qualms about taking themselves to Wimbledon for the iconic 2012 Olympic Games ceremony.

Let’s run through the invitees and their current ‘RSVP’ status.

Adele? Not booked or busy, just didn’t want to do it. Ed Sheeran? Has a concert that day. A reunited Spice Girls? Sadly they reportedly declined too. Harry Styles? On tour. Elton John? Nada.

In all seriousness, King Charles has locked in some pretty famous names to perform, despite the fact that Britain’s most decorated singers have conveniently found themselves ‘unavailable’.

The Palace has confirmed that Andrew Lloyd Webber (of musical theatre fame) will be composing an anthem for the occasion, Kylie and Dannii Minogue will be reuniting on stage (although Sydney WorldPride got the exclusive) and Lionel Richie will round out the set list.

We guess King Charles is in the mood to party, karamu, fiesta, forever and dance all night long?

Either way, we’ll be tuning in on May 8 to see King Charles recieve the St Edward’s Crown, Kylie slay the stage and see Prince Harry show is face for the occasion. 

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