Turns Out, ‘MAFS’ Chris Was Reportedly Arrested On Drug Charges Prior To Appearing On The Show

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Update 01/04/21: Married At First Sight‘s Chris Jensen has finally spoken out since news broke of his reported arrest for alleged drug trafficking prior to filming the show. Jensen was only able to film the show due to being on Supreme Court Bail.

Since the news of his arrest broke last week, he has opted to remain relatively quiet on his social media platforms, until now. On March 31, Chris broke his silence with an Instagram post, seemingly sharing his gratitude to his fans for their loyalty to him.

“I am not perfect, I am not trying to be however, I will always be real,” Jensen wrote.

“I am human. If my heart is in the right place and I try my best then I am okay with this.”

He continued: “I am a son, I am a brother, I am a father, I am an uncle, I am a friend.”

“I take a great deal of pride in being all of these roles. Thank you to each of you who have accepted and supported me for ME. I appreciate it. I hope you each are appreciated too for who you are and being the real you.”

Original 26/03/21: If you thought this season of Married At First Sight Australia couldn’t get any more dramatic, think again.

Aside from Booka’s stalking scandal and Bryce’s secret girlfriend, it looks like fan favourite Chris may have some skeletons in his closet.

In a report by The Courier Mail, contestant Chris Jensen was apparently arrested on drug charges prior to his appearance on the dating show.

The publication also alleges that the reality star is facing one count of trafficking dangerous drugs and serious organised crime. He was set to appear in a Brisbane Supreme Court on March 24, however, the matter has been adjourned until April 23.

According to The Courier Mail, Chris had reportedly been granted Supreme Court Bail, which is why he was able to star in the show, which is set to be filming its reunion episode this week.

The charges were confirmed to Daily Mail Australia by Queensland’s Courts and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. 

A Brisbane Magistrates Court spokesman also revealed to The Courier Mail that Chris last appeared in court on October 30 last year, after being granted magistrates bail in 2018. Turns out, he was apparently arrested alongside three co-accused, who are all facing similar charges.

During his last court appearance, not only was his bail extended, but the case was adjourned to July 23.

In the meantime, Chris is now facing a string of other changes, including possessing dangerous drugs, possessing anything used in commission of a crime, possessing used utensils or pipes and two counts of possessing property suspected of being proceeds of an offence under the Drugs Misuse Act.

On this season of MAFS, Chris entered the experiment as an intruder, arriving significantly later than the rest of the contestants. Paired with bride Jaimie Gardner, the couple were unable to form a connection with Australia siding with Chris during their final feud, which saw him voluntarily exit the show.

On his last episode, the fan favourite delivered an impassioned speech on why he signed up in the first place.

“I came in here to give my heart and to put everything in and I did,” he decalred after choosing to quit the experiment.

“I hope that I will actually find the one that I’m supposed to be with and they just want to be with me, too.”

Following the on-air declaration, he took to his Instagram to dive deep into his time on the show, explaining how he has “so much to offer and so much love to give the woman that chooses me.”

“My #MAFS journey ends… I know my worth and the quality of man I am. I won’t settle for anything less.”

Currently, neither Chris Jensen, MAFS or Channel Nine have addressed the charges.

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