Rumour Has It, ‘MAFS’ Belinda And Patrick Have Reportedly Split After He Unfollowed Her On Instagram

Trouble in paradise

While the news of Melissa and Bryce’s engagement and pregnancy has seen one of Married At First Sight‘s most controversial couples find happiness, it looks like one of the show’s successful pairings has done quite the opposite.

After nine months together, Patrick Dwyer has reportedly unfollowed his girlfriend Belinda Vickers on Instagram, leading many to speculate that they have split.

While Belinda looks to still be following Patrick on the social platform, fans noticed that Patrick has unfollowed literally every person he used to.

Rumours swirled around their breakup after fans noticed that the pair stopped appearing on each other’s Instagram profiles. The last documentation of their relationship was a photo shared to Belinda’s profile over a month ago.

As for Patrick’s latest post with Belinda, he shared an edited montage of his and Belinda’s relationship on TV at the end of June.

“Bel is currently in quarantine, so I can’t see her for a while,” he captioned the clip. “But here’s a short cute video of our time on MAFS.”

Fans have also noticed that neither of the two have liked each other’s Instagram posts since June 28.

Prior to their social media distance, both Patrick and Belinda have shared physical transformations through their Instagram.

Back in May, Patrick showed off his dental work by celebrity dentist Dr Deepan ‘Dr Dee’ Duraisamy, who updated his smile with 12 porcelain veneers, which approximately cost a minimum of $24,000.

“Not going to lie, after seeing my teeth on MAFS I realised how bad they were and started to get self-conscious about my smile,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I did get a lot of negative comments about my teeth but it was when I personally started to dislike them that it started to bother me.”

As for Belinda, she showed off her hair transformation back in June, after turning her signature curly brown locks into fiery orange tresses.

“When you thought my hair couldn’t get any more extra,” she said on Instagram.

As for what is really going on between lovebirds Belinda and Patrick, only time will tell.

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