The Most Memorable And Romantic Kisses In TV History

Sealed with a kiss.

They might be best remembered for their “break”, but Ross Geller and Rachel Green have one of the most memorable romances to ever play out on screen (of course, minus the controversial ending which saw Rachel leave her dream job at Louis Vuitton in Paris to get back together with her longtime love interest, but we digress). The years-long will-they-won’t-they is exactly why Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s characters still hold up as one of the most iconic television couples to ever grace our screens, but they’re by no means alone. 

Ever since our favourite sitcoms, political dramas and supernatural fantasy thrillers aired, it’s been the standout couples that have kept us watching all these years—in particular, when the onscreen pairings finally seal things with a kiss. In fact, the relationships between our fictional favourites often become even more meaningful when they finally share that first kiss. 

Uncovering TV’s most memorable kisses, collected data to uncover just which couples have made the biggest worldwide impression, and it’s perhaps unsurprising who has made the coveted list. Read on to see which onscreen pairs have the most memorable TV kiss of all time. 

Ross & Rachel, Friends

Unsurprisingly taking the top spot at Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) in the ’90s sitcom FriendsThe couple first made things official when watching a vintage prom video from their high school years, which saw Ross step in as Rachel’s date—only to have her real date show up and leave him devastated. Their kiss has more than four million views on YouTube, and so we guess you could say he really was her lobster!


Nick & Jess, New Girl 

New Girl might be best known for its quirky characters, thanks to Zoey Deschanel’s Jess Day and Jake Johnson’s Nick Miller, but fans can’t deny they’ve tuned in to watch the pair’s romance develop over its seven seasons. In particular, when the roommates finally admit they like each other, which results in a steamy kiss that was a far cry from their awkward characters. The kiss has since seen more than two million views on YouTube, bringing it to second place as one of the most popular television kisses ever. 

nick and jess new girl

Jake & Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

They might be polar opposites in the series, with Andy Samberg playing the chaotic and hilarious Detective Jake Peralta and Melissa Fumero playing the meticulous and rule-following Amy Santiago, but as we know from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s seven seasons the pair are a perfect match. Their evidence room kiss might have taken fans by surprise, but it started a romance we could never forget earning a place as YouTube’s third most-watched kiss. 

brooklyn nine nine

Jim & Pam, The Office (U.S.) 

As one of the most iconic television series ever, it’s unsurprising The Office makes its way onto the list. After spending the majority of the series flirting, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) finally made things official and have been the world’s relationship goals ever since. Fisher even recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, sharing a sweet update that even ten years on from their TV wedding she believes Jim and Pam are “still together.” Aw! 

john krasinksi

Seth & Summer, The O.C. 

While we’re surprised The O.C.’s Seth and Summer’s iconic Spider-Man kiss didn’t make it higher on the list, there’s no denying the teen couple were (and still are) one of the most memorable onscreen pairings ever. Adam Brody’s Seth Cohen and Rachel Bilson’s Summer Roberts, despite their differences, will forever hold a place in our hearts (and their kiss in will forever be etched into our memories). 

seth and summer the oc

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