Pamela Anderson’s Sons, Brandon & Dylan, Are The Unlikely Protagonists In Her Love Stories

Her new memoir and documentary are an ode to her children.

The vibe shift has reached Pamela Anderson, with the 90s icon once again thrust back into the cultural zeitgeist after the star’s emotionally cathartic documentary and memoir was released to critical acclaim.

The autobiography (Love, Pamela) and new film (Pamela: A Love Story) both explore the actress, activist and model’s life story through the perspective of love—especially the tumultuous side that romances can bring.

However, the unlikely protagonists to emerge from these new projects isn’t the real version of Pamela, but rather her two sons whom she shares with Tommy Lee.

Brandon Thomas, 26, and Dylan Jagger, 25, are both described by Pamela to be the catalyst for why she’s finally decided to reclaim the narrative in such a personal and vulnerable way.

Within the opening few chapters of Love, Pamela the Baywatch alumni dedicates the project to her two sons writing: “For my boys, the ones who encouraged me to write my story in my imperfect style. It’s the only way to endure and describe my life. My unique madness, my legacy. From my invincible heart along, unfiltered”.

Her sons also feature in the chart-topping Netflix documentary, both describing their respective reactions to the controversial Pam & Tommy series and how their mum handled the aftermath following the theft of her 1995 video tape.

Below, everything you need to know about Pamela’s sons, from their careers to their partners and even their unlikely link to Australia.

Pamela Anderson with Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger at the FW/16 Saint Laurent show. (Credit: Source: Getty)

How Many Children Did Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Have?

Throughout Pamela and Tommy’s intense whirlwind relationship and three-year marriage, the Barbwire star was pregnant a total of three times and gave birth to two sons.

Pamela sadly miscarried in 1995, which is a topic she delves deeply into during both the autobiography and the film.

In Love, Pamela, the star reveals that she attempted suicide early into her marriage, describing the stress of her career taking off and constantly having to grapple with Tommy’s jealous and violent antics lead her to the depressive episode.

She continues to describe that her relationship recovered when she discovered she was pregnant, but that the miscarriage definitely impacted the pair.

Later, in 1996, Pamela gave birth to her and Tommy’s first son, a boy named Brandon Thomas.

Pamela was pregnant with Brandon when her sex tape with the Mötley Crüe drummer was leaked.

Anderson and Lee eventual filed a lawsuit against Penthouse magazine for invasion of privacy after the publication published images from the stolen tape.

The case was eventually dismissed, and Pamela never made a cent from the proceeds of the tape’s distribution.

In the documentary, Brandon reveals his regret for his mother never signing over the rights for the tape.

“She would’ve made millions of dollars if she just would have signed a piece of paper. Instead, she sat back with nothing and watched her career fizzle into thin air. She was in debt most of her life,” Brandon added.

Pamela gave birth to her second son, Dylan, in 1997.

Unlike his brother, Dylan stands by his mother’s decision to never monetise her traumatic experience.

“Things would have been different if she had made money on that tape,” Dylan described. “But people made millions of dollars and she was like ‘no’ because she 100% cared about her family being OK and me being OK.”

Pamela Anderson’s sons become the unlikely heros of Pamela’s love stories. (Credit: Source: Netflix via ‘Pamela: A Love Story’)

Who Are Brandon Thomas Lee And Dylan Jagger Lee?

If you thought that Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger Lee looked familiar after watching Pamela, A Love Story, you’d be correct.

Brandon briefly appeared on the two season reboot of The Hills, The Hills: A New Beginning. 

He is also an actor like his mother (with credits in Cosmic Sin and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser), and a producer, though the only projects he’s co-produced are those involving his mother.

In Pamela’s memoir, she revealed that Brandon previously held an internship in London with the late-designer Vivienne Westwood and also had a membership to the Playboy club.

If Brandon followed his mother’s footsteps in to film and television, Dylan on the other hand is pursuing a similar career path to his father.

Dylan is a musician and member of the band Motel 7.

Both brothers are also models, with Brandon walking for Dolce & Gabbana during Milan Fashion Week in 2019 while Dylan mainly featured in editorial campaigns for Acne Studios and Saint Laurent.

Dylan Jagger Lee in ‘Pamela: A Love Story’
Brandon Thomas Lee in ‘Pamela: A Love Story’

Are Brandon Thomas Or Dylan Lee Currently In Relationships?

Both brothers are currently in relationships, with Brandon and Dylan making their red carpet debuts with their respective girlfriends for the world premiere of Pamela: A Love Story.

Brandon is currently dating Australian influencer Lily Easton, while Dylan is dating Los Angeles based aspiring architect Paula Bruss.

Both couples currently live with one another in Los Angeles and are in the process of renovating a house they share in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley Suburb Encino.

Both Brandon and Dylan are friends with the next generation of SoCal socialites, including Pierce Brosnan’s son Paris and the children of Chrome Heart founders Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark, Jesse Jo, Kristian and Frankie Belle.

Love, Pamela and Pamela, A Love Story are both out now. 

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