‘The Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Season Two: Meet The Seven Fabulous & Formidable Housewives

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Sydney’s stunning skyline and harbour will serve as the backdrop for The Real Housewives Of Sydney season two – set to deliver extravagant parties and equally luxurious lifestyles to our screens.

Seven fabulous Sydney Housewives will take us along with them as they navigate the complexities of their friendships and personal lives, with the cast promising to serve fresh drama this season.

With two original cast members returning, we’ve gathered all the housewives who will showcase the glitz and glamour of Sydney’s high life this year.

Meet the cast of The Real Housewives Of Sydney

krissy marsh

Krissy Marsh

The rumours have proven true because Krissy is back for season two, after starring in the very first season of RHOS in 2019. With a diverse career that spans the catwalk, business and charity, you can always count on the fun yet fierce mother of three to bring the energy. Alongside her husband Johnny, Krissy currently resides with her family in Double Bay.

“What outfits will make it to #rhos season 2 ? @kim_styledbycapitalk will decide,” the 51-year-old teased to Instagram following the cast announcement. “Hopefully I can get it together to add some hair and make up. Keeping it a bit too REAL!!!!”

Instagram: @realkrissymarsh

nicole oneil

Nicole O’Neil

Another returning Housewife, Nicole, 43, embodies culture and classic beauty. With a captivating blend of Swedish and Lebanese heritage, the former Miss Australia has lived around the globe, but now her two daughters are her world. She is married to hedge fund manager Adam.

“So excited to be back for the second season of The Real Housewives of Sydney! They say life is a series of adventures and this certainly has been one of them… The friendships, the fashion and the hiccups are all real, so buckle up, this is going to be a fabulous ride!” she said on Instagram.

Instagram: @nicolegazaloneil

kate adams

Dr Kate Adams

Entirely self-made and in her late 30s, Kate is a savvy entrepreneur who ventured into start-ups before selling to focus on her globally famous practice, Bondi Vet Hospital – which is where you might recognise her from.

“This year I wanted to challenge myself… step out of the comfortable #bondivet which I’ve done for so long and do something that allowed me to be not just Dr Kate – but the real me – and the universe delivered,” she penned on Instagram.

“‘But you’re not a housewife’ I hear you say? Bro – it’s 2023 – housewives can be whomever – with careers, no husbands and even zero human children these days, is it real? 100% non-scripted reality TV with #realemotion and #realfriendships – hold onto your hats.”

Instagram: @drkateadams

terry biviano

Terry Biviano

Hailing from a big, Italian, close-knit family, Terry’s love of fashion and business led her to build an internationally successful shoe empire.

A true socialite, exuding infectious energy and a natural connector of friends, the 48-year-old is effortlessly charming and always the life of the party. She is married to NRL star Anthony Minichiello.

Instagram: @terrybiviano

caroline gaultier

Caroline Gaultier

Born in Prague, Caroline has called Tokyo, Byron Bay and now Sydney’s Bondi Beach her home. A forward-thinking and kind-hearted soul, Caroline readily admits that vanity is her driving force in life and that she’s focused on looking and feeling the best version of herself.

After her divorce, Caroline chose to focus on raising her two daughters, having fun with her girlfriends, and becoming even more fabulous. You’ll find her jetting off to alternative wellness retreats in Tulum or Nevada’s Burning Man festival.

Instagram: @caroline_gaultier_999

victoria montano

Victoria Montano

The owner of luxury-sport brand, Sport Luxe, Victoria is a passionate fashionista, personal stylist, amateur show-jumper, wife (married to Timothy Odillo Maher), and mother of two. Victoria is a modern woman: driven, stylish and adventurous, she keeps everyone on their toes with her dry wit and clever one-liners.

“Sometimes friends push you out of your comfort zone. Thanks everyone for your support and to all the girls – old friends and new- on the cast for the wild ride,” she captioned a photo of herself and Nicole on Instagram.

Instagram: @victoriaelizabethmontano

sally obermeder

Sally Obermeder

No stranger to the big screen, former TV host Sally, 48, is a wife (married to Marcus Obermeder), mother of two young girls, and co-owner of wellness brand, Swiish. After life took an unexpected turn and she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sally bounced back with purpose.

“I’m a risk taker at heart and someone who takes the experiences that life throws at them with open arms. After all, our lives are a culmination of the experiences we’ve had and the people we share them with,” she said on Instagram.

“There’s a lot I have to keep zipped, BUT I can tell you that this is Real Housewives of Sydney reimagined. It’s new, it’s reinvigorated and it’s fresh. There are true friendships, lots of laughter and I’m excited for you to see it.”

Instagram: @sallyobermeder

Where to watch The Real Housewives Of Sydney

If, like us, you’re eager to see what this group of fierce and fabulous women have in store for us this season, then you needn’t wait long.

You can stream the 10-part series from October 10 this year on Binge, with new episodes to be released weekly on Tuesdays.

Stream The Real Housewives Of Sydney on Binge with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.


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