Scorpio Season Is Here! What To Expect From This Passionate Astrological Sign

A full moon lunar eclipse is going to up the intensity of Scorpio season.

Scorpio season is officially here, which means that life is starting to feel a little more intense—and in a good way. 

Below, we share everything you need to know about this star sign and what you can expect from Scorpio season. 

Scorpio season
Scorpio Season is an intense and passionate time for all of the star signs. (Credit: Getty)

When Is Scorpio Season? 

Date: October 23—November 21 

Element: Water

Symbol: The Scorpion 

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars 

What Are The Personality Traits Of Scorpios? 

Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton is a Scorpio. (Credit: Getty)

Scorpios are known to be passionate, intuitive and intense. This star sign is deeply loyal and protective of the people in their lives. However, represented by figure of the scorpion also means that they feel betrayals deeply and won’t be afraid to cut you off if you cross them. 

Falling under a water sign, Scorpios have a natural intuition and sharp perception abilities. While this can be a benefit at times, it can also lead to obsessiveness, suspicion and jealousy. Basically, if you’re on a Scorpio’s good side then you will never question their trustworthiness but if you’re on their bad side, then watch out! 

Which Signs Are Most Compatible With Scorpios? 

Scorpios have romantic success with the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, who are naturally in tune with emotions. The zodiac is also compatible with earth signs like Taurus, who can have a grounding influence on Scorpio’s volatile emotions. 

Which Signs Are Least Compatible With Scorpios? 

As passionate beings themselves, Scorpios might feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the fire signs. Scorpios may also struggle with the logical approach of air signs, who may not share the Scorpio’s passionate take on life. 

What Does Scorpio Season Mean For Other Star Signs? 

Scorpio season encourages other star signs to let go of shallow connections and deepen their relationships with others. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect on the parts of your life that do not serve you anymore. It’s a time to let go of old storylines and welcome in a new, more authentic version of your life. 

Which Celebrities Are Scorpios? 

Scorpio tilda swinton
Tilda Swinton was born on the 5th November, 1960. (Credit: Getty)
Julia Roberts was on the 28th October 1967. (Credit: Getty)
scorpio celebrities
Gwendoline Christie was born on the 28th October 1978. (Credit: Getty)
Kendall Jenner
Kendall and Kris Jenner are both Scorpios. (Credit: Getty)
Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg was born on 13th November, 1955. (Credit: Getty)
Ann Hathaway
Ann Hathaway was born on the 12th November, 1982. (Credit: Getty)

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