Netflix’s ‘Shtisel’ Is A Must-Watch For Fans Of ‘Unorthodox’

And there are three whole seasons to binge

Calling all fans of Unorthodox: your next Netflix obsession has arrived. Allow us to introduce you to Shtisel.

Make no mistake, it’s hardly new by any means, but the series status as a cult favourite has been exploding since its third season dropped on the streaming service, and suffice to say, we’re not ones to let underrated shows simply pass by.

Intrigued? Scroll on for everything you need to know about Shtisel.

What Is The Plot Of ‘Shtisel’?

The show follows the trials and tribulations in the lives of the ultra-Orthodox Shtisel family in Jerusalem’s Haredi, Internet-free neighbourhood community. The first season of the show commences with 26-year-old Aviva Shtisel, a single Haredi man who lives with his father, a rabbi and widower, Shulem Shtisel. Shulem wants to see his son married soon, but Aviva has fallen for a much older woman, while Shulem’s daughter Giti is secretly dealing with marital problems and his other son Zvi Arie is trying to patch everything up. Meanwhile, Shulem himself is also on the prowl.

It’s the recipe for an excellent family saga, brimming with universal themes despite its distinctly sub-cultural setting. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself. 

WATCH BELOW: Official Shtisel Trailer

Who Is In The Cast Of Shtisel?

Fans of Unorthodox will no doubt recognise the Golden Globe-nominated Shira Haas in season three of Shitsel in the role of Ruchami, Giti’s daughter. Dov Glickman stars as patriarch Shulem Shtisel, Michael Aloni as Akiva Shtisel and Neta Riskin as Giti Weiss.

Is Shtisel Coming Back For Season 4?

At this stage, there is yet to be an announcement confirming whether or not Shtisel will return for a fourth season, however its global success makes it seem like a safe bet. And while the series’ fate may still be in the air, Deadline has reported that an American adaptation of the show is on its way. Per the report, the show will be based on the Israeli series and is described as being: “a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story about an an ultra-progressive, over-achieving secular eighteen-year-old young woman on the verge of personal freedom, and the strictly observant Orthodox young man to whom she is powerfully drawn—so powerfully that she is willing to uproot her entire life to be with him.” 

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