‘Thank God You’re Here’ Is Returning With Celia Pacquola At The Helm

Thank god it's back!

Television nostalgics rejoice! Our favourite sketch comedy show of the 2000s, Thank God You’re Here, is returning to our screens.

The show became a hit when it first aired in 2006, going on to run for three successful seasons. 

The premise is simple: in every episode, a series of comedians are faced with the show’s famous blue door. Behind that door, an unknown scene awaits, complete with an ensemble cast who greet the comedian with the series’ catchphrase, “Thank god you’re here!”.

The comedian must then improvise in character for five minutes, and the best performer is announced at the end of the episode. Unsurprisingly, hilarity ensues. 

The original show launched the careers of some of Australia’s funniest comedians. (Credit: Image: Network 10)

The show, in its original format, helped to launch some of the biggest names in Australian comedy, including Hamish Blake, Ahn Do, Angus Sampson and Ed Kavalee. 

And now, we finally have word of which comedians will take on the challenge in the first episode of the TGYH reboot, including Urzila Carlson, Aaron Chen, Julia Zemiro and Mark Bonanno.

Hosting the new format will be Celia Pacquola, who takes over from previous host Shane Bourne.

“I’m so excited Thank God You’re Here is coming back, and I’m thrilled to host because that means I’ll be in the best position to watch it,” Pacquola said.

“I can’t wait to send comedians through the big blue door and not have to go through it myself.”

Celia Pacquola will join the series as host. (Credit: Image: Network 10)

Original judge of the series Tom Gleisner also won’t return for the revamp, however exactly who will serve as judge remains unknown. 

“Expect lots of un-hinge-d comedy as these star performers step through the blue door, and keep your eyes peeled for the week’s legendary guest judge,” Network 10 said. 

Original host Shane Bourne and judge Tom Gleisner will not return for the reboot. (Credit: Image: Network 10)

As for what else viewers can expect from the updated series, the network also said, “The show’s fast-paced and quick-witted format resonates, captivates and engages viewers. We’re so excited for the show’s return to our screens and we can’t wait to see what we’re about to walk into next. To put it bluntly … thank God it’s back!”

Where To Watch The Thank God You’re Here Reboot

The first episode of Thank God You’re Here airs on Wednesday, August 2, at 7:30pm AEST.

You can watch episodes on channel 10, or stream through 10 play. 

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