Osher Günsberg Takes A Swipe At ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant Adrian Baena And He’s Right To Do So

The contestant has ruffled some feathers

Adrien Baena has garnered a bit of a reputation as the ‘playboy’ of the men pining for The Bahelorette‘ Becky Miles’ heart.

And it seems even host Osher Günsberg might not be such a fan either, quickly pointing out holes in the 26-year-old’s stories. 

On Thursday’s episode, we saw Adrian excuse himself from participating in the challenging assault course due to being on antibiotics, and was instead enlisted to referee. 

As Adrian claims, “I’m on antibiotics and the doctor wouldn’t clear me.”

But viewers were left scratching their heads when the suitor was then seemingly fine for his one-on-one hot tub date with Becky, where he even appeared to sip on some champagne


It was this scene that Günsberg had to call out. 

Taking to Twitter he wrote:

“Hang on-He’s on Antibiotics, AND HE’S DRINKING? Hmmm… The plot thicken…”

Referring to the fact that people on a course of antibiotics are generally instructed to refraining from alcohol consumption. 

And he’s certainly not the only one to question Adrian’s claims, with fans already convinced that the kitesurfer is more interested in getting his shot at appearing on Bachelor In Paradise

After a very confusing conversation, Adrian admitted to 30-year-old Becky that he was on the show to ‘have fun’, that he didn’t want to discuss the future and that he really just enjoyed hanging out with the boys… on a dating show… that he signed up for. 

Naturally, viewers were livid when the Bachelorette still chose to keep him at the following rose ceremony, meaning he finds himself in Becky’s top four while still having yet to prove the fans wrong.

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