Rumour Has It, ‘Bachelorette’ Becky’s “Awkward” First On-Screen Kiss Had To Be Filmed Multiple Times

And the reason is completely valid

While the last few years of The Bachelorette have seen endless faces from seasons past, it is easy to forget that Becky Miles hasn’t been on-screen before.

And while it’s hard to believe that the romantic rendezvous’ of the show are nothing but natural, they’re often anything but.

According to The Daily Mail, a contestant from the show admitted that apparently “Becky was out of her element. She was so uncomfortable being in this experience.”

“She’s just an average Joe on national television on a dating show. It was very awkward for her, but you don’t see any of that,” they continued.

The unknown source went on to admit many of the other contestants claimed “her heart is in the right place and she was trying hard”, with some admitting they felt “sorry” for her and the tough time she had during filming.

“I helped her so much through the series and you don’t see none of it,” he added.

The source then went on to reveal that her first on-screen kiss in The Bachelorette‘s second episode was a bit more awkward than she’d hoped.

Speaking about Miles’ kiss with Shannon Karaka, the source admitted that apparently “[their kiss] was awkward and cringe—that kiss had to be filmed multiple times, to make it look like they were into it.”

However, this isn’t the first time that Becky’s romantic life has been the topic of discussion. 

Back in September, comedian Ed Kavalee claimed on-air that Becky was in a relationship that ended solely so she could appear on the reality show. 

“The person that she was with found out she was doing this show from the press,” Kavalee said on the Hughesy and Ed show.

But she quickly but the rumours to rest. Speaking to Woman’s DayBecky explained what really went down. 

“I wasn’t in a relationship when I signed on to this, I can tell you that! I was casually dating someone before the show, which was for a short amount of time,” she admitted. “When I told him about this opportunity I tried to be honest as possible and we left on a good note.”

Either way, we can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be to share an incredibly intimate moment, not only with those on-set, but with the entire country.

The Bachelorette Australia continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Network Ten.

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