Every Contestant (And Two Past Winners) Rumoured To Appear In The Next ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

We can anticipate a dramatic season

Though the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia took its fare share of criticism for some of the contestants’ on-screen behaviour, we’re already investigating all the clues to which former Bachie contestants might be joining the cast for 2021.

According to The Washit’s still unclear as to when the show will be able to commence filming due to the border restrictions imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however “key alumni (AKA the bigger names) from previous seasons have been approached” and “told if it goes ahead, they’re on it”.

As reported by the So Dramatic! podcast, the show’s producers are already looking to who they will approach for the new season, and they’ll have their pick of the lot from current Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s contestants. 

So, without further ado, here are the unlucky-in-love who have already expressed an interest/rumoured to be heading to Paradise.

Carlin Sterritt

Carlin Sterrit

One of the show’s ex winners, Carlin Sterritt, is allegedly hitting our screens again in 2021. The personal trainer/fitness influencer recently revealed that he was originally in the running to become The Bachelor, however, despite it not working out, the 31-year-old was called upon for Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorrette (which, as we know, he won). 

Having split with Kent in June of this year, Sterrit may be one of two winners on the show, as it was recently hinted that Matt Agnew’s winner Chelsie McLeod may be heading to Fiji. 

Chelsie McLeod

Chelsie McLeod

McLeod, who split from Matt Agnew about six months after filming, first got tongues wagging when the Instagram account @BachieFunny shared a screenshot from her social media. In it, the 29-year-old asked her Facebook friends if anyone was “interested in leasing a fully furnished apartment in Elwood for 3 months? October til December?!”

The dates she listed, incidentally, fall in line with when the show is set to commence filming, and recent BIP alum Jamie Doran, seemed inclined to think the same thing commenting, “Haha whoa!” with a series of palm tree emojis. Another Bachie and Paradise alumni, Alex Nation, left a suggestive response to the post, saying “Sign me up if so @chelsiemcleod 🔥,”

Renee Barrett

Renee Barrett

Renee Barrett left last season’s Bachelor In Paradise hand-in-hand with Matt Whyatt. But after the couple split, rumours of her return to the show began to circulate. 

Throughout the show, Barrett, 26, was a calm, low-key presence that wound up in drama largely due to her ex-boyfriend, Ciarran Stott. Without him raining on everyone’s parade, we think Barrett will need no luck scoring some roses.

Paddy Colliar

Paddy Colliar

Hailing from Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette, Paddy Colliar made quite the name for himself as the playboy larrikin with very little tact. 

He tried to court, well, just about everyone during his stint on Bachelor In Paradise in 2019, but rumour has it that the 28-year-old gym owner is said to make a return. 

Jackson Garlick

Jackson Garlick

After leaving the most recent season with Brittney Weldon, Jackson Garlick, 26, was rumoured to have been dating one of the show’s producers once things went south with with Weldon. 

But it seems things didn’t quite work out for the pair as Garlick will most likely re-appear for the 2021 season. 

Zoe-Clare McDonald

Zoe Clare

She rose to infamy with her comments on the “oppression” she experiences as a redhead, but Zoe-Clare McDonald may get another chance to show Australia a better side to her in Paradise. 

Nothing’s been confirmed, but it looks like the 23-year-old has been getting friendly with many gals and guys from the Bachie universe, so we’re sure she’ll provide some entertainment. 

Juliette Herrera

Juliette Herrera

She recently made headlines for her alleged short-lived romance with Joe Edgerton back in 2011. But it turns out that Juliette Herrera, 34, is also gunning for a shot at some island love on next season of Paradise. 

One of the more controversial contestants (still fighting it out on the current season of The Bachelor), Herrera is bound to cause a stir if chosen for the show.

Roxi Kenny

Roxi Kenny

Roxi Kenny has just left the current season of The Bachelor, after a fall-out with fellow contestant Juliette, however, the 29-year-old hasn’t given up on reality TV and is allegedly interested in appearing on the show. 

One of the resident ‘villains’, the news comes as a surprise as it’s been reported that Kenny, 29, has taken issue with the network’s editing.

Laura Calleri

Laura Calleri

The self-professed ‘snob’ quickly garnered national attention for some of her more… upfront comments, including asking Locky Gilbert upon their first meeting how much he intends on spending on gifts for her. 

But we can’t deny that we got a kick out of watching the 24-year-old, and in an environment like Bachelor In Paradise we’re sure that she’ll bring some entertainment.

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