Meghan Markle Reveals That Kate Middleton Made *Her* Cry Before Her Wedding

Vicious rumours spread the opposite story at the time

Meghan Markle has revealed in her highly anticipated interview with Oprah (here’s how Australians can watch it) that it was Kate Middleton who made her cry days before her wedding to Prince Harry, not the other way around.

For those who missed it at the time, tabloids and media outlets around the world reported that before the highly anticipated wedding between Meghan and Harry in 2018, Meghan “made Kate cry.”

This caused immediate furore and outrage at Meghan, who was already facing down an immense amount of bigoted vitriol for her race—Markle’s mother is African American—before marrying Harry. Regardless of how absurd you find the public outrage about this moment, it wasn’t even actually true, as we’ve now found out.


What was the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton wedding feud about?

Reports at the time stated that Meghan “made Kate cry” over her flower-girl dresses during the preparations for their wedding.

Meghan told Oprah that wasn’t true, “the reverse happened,” she explained, “She was upset about something. She owned it and bought me flowers.”

What actually happened?

“Everyone in the institution knew it wasn’t true,” Meghan went on. While she didn’t explain any specific details about the wedding fight, she did note that it wasn’t as heated as reports made out. “There wasn’t a confrontation. I don’t think it’s fair to her to get into the details because she apologized, and I’ve forgiven her.”

Meghan went on to call Kate “a good person,” before adding that she didn’t know why nobody from the royal family spoke up to dispel the lies about her, or to shut down the rumours there was a rift between the two women. (We think we can guess why.)

Reactions to the Oprah interview have been flooding social media. In regard to this particular moment, the reactions to the revelation have been swift to point out the hypocrisy of the palace in who they choose to defend.

Some are also questioning why Kate didn’t simply rectify the rumours and lies two years ago when they were being spread, especially in the face of the immense toll on Meghan and Harry’s mental health

Twitter reactions to the truth about Meghan and Kate’s ‘feud’


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