6 Luxurious Winter Candles For A Cosy Hibernation Period

Setting the mood for the season.
winter candles

Winter is without a doubt when we spend the most time rugged up indoors. You could try and fight it and continue your early morning runs in the chill, or you could lean into the laziness of it all, and set the mood for the next three months of inevitable hibernation.

Naturally, there’s a whole host of seasonal cooking and clothing to help set the scene, but there’s no better way to establish a vibe at home than with a candle in our opinion.

We’re not talking about gimmicky pine needle scents either, we’re talking about luxurious home fragrance.

They’re the kind of candles that boast an admittedly large price tag, but given we’re burning them without fail morning and night throughout the season, why not splurge? Ahead, explore marie claire’s contenders for the best winter candle of 2024.

The Best Winter Candles 2024


Fornasetti Dark Garden Tall Candle

from $579 at David Jones

Handcrafted in Italy, this collectable candle features a limited edition 18th century garden design and boasts notes of juicy winter fruits, woods, myrrh and boozy florals. The 530g candle burns for 70 hours and the ceramic vessel can then be repurposed as a decorative vase.

Fragrance profile:

  • Top notes: Rhubarb, tomato leaves, blackcurrant and wild black raspberry
  • Heart notes: Galbanum, petitgrain, geranium bourbon and carnation
  • Base notes: Opoponax, myrrh, sandalwood, ebony and agarwood

Available at:


Jo Malone London Dawn Musk Home Candle

from $122 at Jo Malone London

Inspired by the comforting scent of a vintage soap bar, this limited edition pick marries clean notes of soft musk, amber and warm woods. Housed in an antique-style glass vessel with a decorative gold lid, this 200g winter candle promises 45 hours of blissfully relaxing fragrance.

Fragrance profile:

  • Top notes: Musk
  • Heart notes: Amber
  • Base notes: Warm woods

Available at:


Dior Encens Mystique Candle

from $170 at Dior

Intense and mysterious, Dior has leaned into the darker, ephemeral themes of the season with this 250g candle’s luxurious aroma of unfurling woods.

Fragrance profile:

  • A mysterious blend of wood notes
  • Burns for approx. 45 hours

Available at:


Le Labo Encens 9 Concrete Candle

from $115 at Le Labo

Frankincense is the heady hero at the heart of this moody winter time scented candle, but the 127g concrete burner offers a modern aesthetic alongside a luxury home fragrance.

Fragrance profile:

  • Top notes: Amber
  • Heart notes: Frankincense
  • Base notes: Clove

Available at:


Laboratorio Olfattivo Cuoio Selvaggio Candle

from $89 at David Jones

Simple, yet refined, Laboratorio Olfattivo uses a blend of waxes from a historic Italian wax factory founded in 1902 to create this leathery, sensual and sharp 180g home burner, inviting the earth into solitary spaces.

Fragrance profile:

  • Top notes: Bergamot and grapefruit
  • Heart notes: Elemi and leather accord
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, cashmeran, musk and karmawood

Available at:


Tom Dixon Elements Fire Candle

from $299 at David Jones

Warm up your home with this fire-inspired designer candle, which boasts the aroma of scorched timber, hot dry tarmac and comforting Cypriol oil, musk and amber.

Fragrance profile:

  • Top notes: Cypriol oil, musk and amber
  • Heart notes: Smoked timber
  • Base notes: Tarmac

Available at:

What does a winter candle smell like?

Winter candles can take inspiration from plants and florals that are able to withstand the cooler months and sometimes even include these as fragrance notes. However, many winter candles endeavour to elaborate on a feeling, usually the very things that are hard to find in the depths of the season. Think: warming and cosy notes. While other candles play into the dark imagery synonymous with the winter solstice, using a moody fragrance profile to dive into the season’s rich and mysterious lore.

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