Side Swept Bangs: Eight Best Bangs Hairstyles

How to wear the style of the moment

There’s no doubt that sexy side swept bangs are having a moment.

Whether it’s a thick and full fringe like Emma Stone, or something more subtle à la Suki Waterhouse’s wispy fringe, side bangs are everywhere.

But what exactly is a side swept bang?

This hairstyle is achieved with a dramatic side part, a little farther than you would usually part your hair, with the hair then framing your face. As well as looking sexy and trendy, this look is great for hiding fine lines and wrinkle on your forehead.

Who suits a side fringe?

As it subtly frames the face, a side swept bang suits most face shapes and hair colours. People with oval, heart-shaped and long face shapes can all pull off this look. Although those with heart-shaped faces should try and keep the fringe wispier, while people with long-shaped faces should ask their stylist to cut it heavier. 

The good news for anyone with a round-shaped face is that this is one of the fringe types that will complement your face. A thick side fringe that is cut an an angle can make round-shaped faces look longer and thinner. If cut the right way, it can also help accentuate cheek bones.

Taylor Swift is Queen of the Fringe. (Credit: Getty.)

How to style your side swept bangs

Styling a side sept bang is actually pretty easy. If your hair in long then just part your hair slightly wider than usual and blow dry as usual. When it comes to styling your bangs, use a round brush and use a hairdryer to apply heat in a downwards direction. 

A natural wave can look cute with this style and add a bit of volume, but a flat iron or straighteners can be used to flatten any unwanted frizz.

Once your side bangs look on point, just spritz a bit a hairspray to keep it in place. 

Long hair side swept bangs: Reese Witherspoon

Obviously aware that bangs are flattering on her, the Big Little Lies star has stuck with a fringe religiously throughout her Hollywood career. With beautiful blonde hair, Reese’s long side swept bangs subtly tumble into her wavy hair and perfectly complement her face.

To get this look just blow dry your hair as usual, then use a hair curler to add subtle waves. The bangs can also be finessed with a wand or hair straightener for a sleeker vibe. This style is also super easy to grow out if you go off your bangs. 


Reese Witherspoon with long hair side swept bangs. (Credit: Getty.)

Medium length hair side bangs: Taylor Swift

Over the years, Taylor Swift, has sported more bang types than we can count. Swifty loves a side swept bang and has experimented with a few different types, including a cute medium-length hair look. Taylor’s Swift’s look shows that shorter-haired girls can also rock a cute side bang.

To style this look use a flat iron and then a little bit of wax to secure into place.

Taylor Swift with a sleek side fringe. (Credit: Getty.)
Taylor Swift with a sleek side fringe. (Credit: Getty.)

Updo side swept bangs: Dakota Johnson

The 50 Shades of Gray star knows how to style her bangs for an updo to achieve a sultry look. With her long brunette hair swept up, Dakota’s fringe frames her face while the long layers at the side give it a softer look. The look makes her cheekbones pop and is a really pretty look if you can’t be bothered to blow dry the rest of your hair. 

Dakota Johnson’s updo looks great with bangs. (Credit: Getty.)

Curtain side bangs: Alexa Chung

As ever, Alexa Chung is ahead of the curve and is wearing the hairstyle that everyone will soon want. Curtain bangs are completely a thing. By ‘curtains’ we’re not taking Nick Carter in 1995, but more of a subtle fringe part. For this look, your hair needs to be super straight with no cow’s lick, or you’ll forever been trying to flatten them down. 

Alexa Chung showing how to wear a curtain fringe. (Credit: Getty.)

Thick straight hair side bangs: Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s sexy bangs prove that girls with very thick hair can still wear bangs. Her medium-length hair looks beautiful parted slightly off centre with tick bangs framing her face.

Mandy Moore’s thick hair looks great cut into bangs. (Credit: Getty.)

Wavy hair side bangs: Emma Stone

Beautiful Emma Stone always seems to be debuting a new look, but this wavy, choppy style with sweeping bangs is one of our faves. With her hair worn straight, these bangs also show how cute a side fringe can look with a long bob. 

Emma Stone’s wavy hair with a fringe. (Credit: Getty.)
Emma Stone with straight hair and bangs. (Credit: Getty.)

Wispy side bangs: Suki Waterhouse

Don’t want to commit to a thick fringe? Then Suki’s got your back. The English model and actress has wispy bangs that can either be worn straight down or in a swoop to one side. With shoulder length hair, this type of fringe looks really modern while still being classically pretty. 

If you don’t want anything too severe, then show your hairstylist Suki’s photo and emphasis that less is more! 

Suki Waterhouse with a cute wispy fringe. (Credit: Getty.)

Pixie crop side fringe: Michelle Williams

Channeling sexy elf, Michelle Williams is the queen of the pixie crop. She shows that people with short hair can still swoosh their fringe. Michelle’s look is also super easy to style, just blast quickly with a hairdryer and run through a bit of styling wax and you’re good to go! 

Michelle Williams pixie cut bangs. (Credit: Getty.)

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