Here’s How To Layer Your Fragrances (And The Collection To Help You Do It)

Create your own personal signature scent.

The journey to finding a “signature scent” can be a long, and at times, arduous one.

The last few years have seen the rise of layering: the process of mixing two or more scents to create something truly unique, and Narciso Rodriguez has created a new ritual based on the technique: “the art of musc”.

The for her collection allows you to create your own trail: while each of the five fragrances can be worn alone, they can also be combined and layered to create a unique olfactory composition that amplifies a different facet of your personality.

Just like clothing, there is a particular technique to fragrance layering, with what we layer where (and when) making all the difference.

Here, we detail how to indulge your creative side in a beautifully simple way to create something unique.

Start With An Icon

Like a little black dress, or the perfect pair of jeans, the success of layering requires starting with the perfect base. 

For Narciso Rodriguez, it starts with PURE MUSC, the ultimate interpretation of musc in the for her collection, and the perfect base to layer beneath the other fragrances. The iconic signature (that also smells divine on its own) is the purest, most essential version of the Narciso Rodriguez musc, with the sublime heart of musc enhanced with a white floral bouquet as cashmeran lends warmth. PURE MUSC highlights and enhances different facets in each of the other for her fragrances without clashing.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Collection
Each fragrance in the for her collection can be worn alone, or in combination with PURE MUSC to create unique and personal signature scents. (Credit: Narciso Rodriguez)

“These notes have been meticulously studied at different evaporation times in combination for every for her fragrance, to ensure that all the notes come together to create a harmonious symphony as they develop on the skin,” says Sonia Constant, the perfumer behind the collection.

“By layering PURE MUSC with another for her scent, you can really personalise your fragrance, enhancing their individual textures and creating something even more expressive that makes you feel truly unique.”

For Irresistible Sophistication

Combine PURE MUSC with for her eau de toilette for a sensual, feminine and graceful scent.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her PURE MUSC
The DNA of the for her collection, PURE MUSC is the perfect base layer to pair with other fragrances. (Credit: Narciso Rodriguez)

The eau de toilette’s top of notes of honey flower and orange blossom and heart notes of osmanthus are intensified by PURE MUSC, with the two combining gently into a soft, velvety and sophisticated scent.

For a more modern and feminine take, combine with for her eau de parfum. Pure and contemporary, the heart is enhanced by a rare weave of pink floral with hints of rose, peach pulp and soft, warming amber.

For A Touch Of Mystery

MUSC NOIR is inspired by the original for her, reinterpreting and exploring the deep mystery and eloquence of the iconic scent, with top notes of juicy plum and heliotrope that add a touch of brightness.

Combining with PURE MUSC creates a surprisingly light and ethereal quality, that boosts the floral flavours for a mysterious interplay of light and shadow.

Narciso Rodriguez MUSC NOIR ROSE
PURE MUSC and MUSC NOIR ROSE combines for a soft and sensual scent. (Credit: Narciso Rodriguez)

For more radiant sensuality, pair PURE MUSC with MUSC NOIR ROSE, a voluptuous bouquet of tuberose that’s lighter than it’s MUSC NOIR counterpart.

Enriched with radiant bergamot and vanilla notes, PURE MUSC enhances the glow of the floral fragrance, revealing the quintessence of orange flower, jasmine and ylang ylang.

The Art Of Musc

Not simply a “spray and go” technique, the art of musc ritual is both intimate and beautifully simple and begins with misting an enveloping cloud of PURE MUSC all over your body.

Once the scent has lightly infused the skin, apply your chosen pairing to your pulse points—the inner wrists, inner creases of your elbows, décolletage and behind the ears—allowing the scent to gradually diffuse with the warmth of your body.

The two fragrances will blend seamlessly together, creating a signature scent that speaks to who you truly are, inside and out.

Brought to you by Narciso Rodriguez.

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