Dare To Be Different: The Perfect Perfume For Post-Lockdown

It’s all about what you want to say to the world.

If there is one word that sums up 2021 it would be ‘inside’. After months being locked down, we’re only just starting to step back outdoors.

Due to being isolated for so long, it feels as though we must ‘re-introduce’ ourselves to the world and show off who we are once again.

Which is why now is the perfect time to give your signature scent a makeover – and choose a perfume that makes a bold, beautiful – and even unexpected – statement.

Make new memories

Scent plays a powerful role in our personalities because it is so intrinsically linked to memory and emotion. Perfume can conjure up memories from our past – or even help us imagine where we want to be in the future.

So, what better way to step back out than with a new fragrance that will remind you of days spent in freedom, and the bold confidence that inspires.

Serge Lutens La Fille De Berlin Eau De Parfum

Serge Lutens La Fille De Berlin Eau De Parfum is the perfect post-lockdown choice – it is audacious and unconventional with a bold and strong-willed attitude.

Inspired by 1920s androgynous actress Marlene Dietrich, it turns traditional rose-led scents on their heads – what starts as notes of a pure, just-picked and resilient rose comes with the spice of pepper (think of it as more of a “rose with thorns” than a romantic bouquet).

If your post-lockdown mood is “do not mess with me”, it’s for you.

Take note and be bold

Just like music, perfume is made up of notes – ingredients that form the character, or personality of a fragrance.

Each note lasts for its own period, meaning the perfume grows and changes throughout the day. Top notes are the first hint of a fragrance, with the middle notes (or heart notes) lasting a little longer, and base notes the lingering memory of the scent.

When choosing a fragrance, consider the notes – these are, after all, what people around you will experience as you spend time with them. For instance, Serge Lutens La Fille De Berlin Eau De Parfum starts with pure rose, but develops into geranium with accents of moss, patchouli, and sweet honey.

Serge Lutens L’Orpheline Eau De Parfum

Serge Lutens L’orpheline Eau De Parfum is another that will keep your company guessing – the mysterious, ashy scent is gentle but rich.

A burst of frankincense – with earthy undertones – is replaced by sensual musky notes and hints of woods like cedarwood as it warms and develops on the skin.

Wearers describe its fragile notes as like playing “hide and seek”, enchanting those around them.  Translating to “the orphan” in French, it symbolises a break with the past – a perfect choice for those inspired by the ‘new beginning’ of post-lockdown life.

Inspired by Serge Lutens’ female ‘alter-ego’, it is also  known as the first transgender fragrance – in fact, the creator officially positions his perfumes as unisex.

Let your perfume do the talking

For over 20 years, French photographer, filmmaker, and perfumer Serge Lutens has been producing fragrances with unique signatures that tell their own exceptional tales.

The Collection Noir – available at MYER – tells a story, with each perfume representing a different facet of ourselves. Some are bold, some are mysterious, and others feel like a breath of fresh air.

Perfume becomes a partner to our personality, so choose one that reflects how you want the world to interpret you – and step out boldly and confidently.

Sponsored by MYER.

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