The Sensory Beauty Movement Is Quietly Gaining Momentum, And We Want In

Relaxation and rejuvenation, all in one.

We love products that work hard for our skin and our bodies, but there’s a new trend taking over the beauty world, and it’s all about transporting us to a better, more relaxed place.

It’s called “sensory beauty” and it’s all about our routines becoming a valuable anti-anxiety and self-care tool, with products evoking several senses all at once to help us embark on a calming journey for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Think multi-tasking ingredients, formulas and scents that effortlessly link the health and beauty spaces, caring for our skin and environment. By slowing down our routines, paying attention to all five of our senses in the process, we are reminding ourselves that beauty if more than skin deep, and that we are worth being looked after.

Whether it be a sleep mist designed to help you get a better night’s rest, a detoxifying and rejuvenating shower oil that connects you with nature while lifting away impurities or a soy candle that provides a gentle healing solution for our living environment, there’s one brand leading the way when it comes to the sensory beauty movement: SENSORI+.

Beauty For All The Senses

What began as a fusion between scent and science, SENSORI+ provides the latest wellbeing solutions, with a focus on performance, environmental sustainability and an ultra-premium experience that stimulates all our senses.

It’s a true 360-degree approach to beauty and wellness, backed by the belief that scent is essential to human connection, with their collections conjuring the spirit of Australia’s natural environments with unique scent personalities—think aromas that evoke feelings of a post-walk rain through a beautiful natural forest, or a trip to a citrus orchard on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

They’re also pioneers in the safe beauty space, only using 100 per cent Vegan certified, ethically sourced ingredients, and all formulations are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates.

With products designed to be kind to your skin while contributing to your overall wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation are easier to attain than ever before.

A Sensory Beauty Star

The star of the sensory beauty show is the SENSORI+ Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist. The TGA Certified* Complementary Medicine significantly improves the quality of sleep, and has scientifically proven relaxing effects, so the healing process that takes place while you rest is optimised, giving new meaning to the phrase “beauty sleep”.

SENSORI+ Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist Sapphire Coast Night 2450
SENSORI+ Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist Sapphire Coast Night 2450, 30mL, $45. (Credit: SENSORI+)

89 per cent† of those that used the sleep mist fell asleep 8 minutes earlier than their average, with 91 per cent† experiencing deeper and longer duration of rest, and 74 per cent† waking with more energy and feeling fresher the next morning.  

With calming chamomile, tranquil lavender and the grounding benefits of green patchouli, the award-winning Sleep Mist is inspired by the magic of the Sapphire Coast on the far south of New South Wales, which lights up in a magnificent blue glow of bioluminescent algae at night.

SENSORI+ Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist also contains ChloresPURE®, SENSORI+’s exclusive detoxifying technology that provides a gentle healing solution, eliminates malodours, and neutralises airborne toxins on a molecular level.

To use, simply spray over your bed sheet, pillows, and sleepwear before bedtime, and enjoy a deep, restful sleep. For an extra dose of overnight indulgence, apply a hydrating face cream and let your deep sleep do the rest.

A Calming Collection

The same air purifying technology is used in SENSORI+’s all-natural, plant-derived Detoxifying Soy Candle Macedon Trail 3441. The new generation fragrance candle removes bad odours and leaves your space with a purified Australian fresh air experience—and the minimal, glass packaging makes for stylish home décor, too.

SENSORI+ Detoxifying Soy Candle Macedon Trail 3441
SENSORI+ Detoxifying Soy Candle Macedon Trail 3441, $80. (Credit: SENSORI+)

With a delicate blend of tranquil woody-green notes of hand-picked geranium, earthy vetiver and native Australian sandalwood, the scent is reminiscent of a walk down the bush trail of the Macedon Ranges after rain.

Our tip? Light after preparing dinner to fill your room with a relaxing and gentle smell or set it up next to your bath while you enjoy a well-deserved soak before bed.

Recover from busy days at work and seek respite with the Air Detoxifying Mist Toowoomba Carnival 4350—a blend of  roses, lavender and sweet orange enhanced by the ChlorosPURE® formula, effective on over 100 airborne toxins. Ultra-safe and pH neutral, the spray has a 96 per cent average removal ratio when it comes to odours and inhibits up to 99.15 per cent of bacteria, while filling the air with an intoxicating scent as as though you’ve walked into a room of freshly cut flowers.

A personal favourite, we’ve been turning our shower rituals into a moment of reconnecting our mind and bodies to nature, with the SENSORI+ Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Shower Oil in the same decadent scent capturing the spirit of a springtime carnival of roses. The oil transforms into a delicate foam on damp skin, gently lifting away impurities, while Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich avocado oil leaves skin supple, nourished and youthful-looking.

SENSORI+ Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Shower Oil Toowoomba Carnival 4350
SENSORI+ Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Shower Oil Toowoomba Carnival 4350, 200mL, $69. (Credit: SENSORI+)

For a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own shower, massage the oil into dry skin, then splash with water and work the oil into a milky emulsion. Then, rinse and reveal clean, radiant skin that looks (and feels) deeply hydrated.

A new handbag staple,  even hand sanitiser can be a source of sensorial wonder: SENSORI+’s Hand Immune Booster Gayndah Orchard 4625 is infused with plant-derived keratin, multivitamins and probiotic kombucha to boost your skin’s defence system and protect it from environmental aggressors.

With a blend of hand cold-pressed bergamot oil, delicate neroli and lingering cedarwood notes, the sanitiser evokes a charming memory of a Sunday stroll through the citrus orchards of the sunny Queensland town of Gayndah.

SENSORI+’s unique collections are designed to detoxify and improve the health of your skin and environment, with natural and clinically proven mood-lifting ingredients that have a positive, energising, and uplifting effect. Explore the collections now and use the code marieclaire15 to enjoy an exclusive 10 per cent off sitewide.

Brought to you by SENSORI+.

* AUST L 347976

† Tested on 76 Australian aged between 25-65 female, 26-55 male over a period of 14 days. If symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare professionals.

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