How To Master The Layered Necklace Look

Because you can never have too much of a good thing.

In exciting news, necklace stacking, or chain layering, shows no signs of going out of fashion. We love it because it’s such a versatile look that transcends all seasons, to give any outfit that extra something. Whether you want to jazz up your WFH Zoom look or elevate an LBD for an upcoming event, necklace stacking is the trend to get behind.

And while the real beauty of the layered necklace technique is how easy and effortless it looks, there is actually a little bit of fashion science behind it. It’s all about finding the right balance so your jewellery complements your look without overtaking it. Here are some top tips for striking said balance…

Mix and match until you find the right look.
Mix and match until you find the right look. (Credit: Supplied: Lovisa)

Consider the length of your necklaces

Traditionally, layering necklaces involves using different lengths to create the right look. Opt for one long chain that sits lower on the breastbone, a mid-length chain that sits along the collarbone and a shorter chain that’s more choker in length.

For a more contemporary look, you could go for two or three chains that are closer in length but not identical. This look works well for a more put-together outfit, perhaps for a wedding or special event.

There are other factors to consider here, too – different face shapes and hair lengths will suit different layer lengths, so experiment with a few looks to find what works for you.

Chunky chains work really well for this look!
Chunky chains work really well for this look! (Credit: Supplied: Lovisa)

Mix up the thickness

Chunky chains are having a moment right now, so think about how you might incorporate them into your layered look. One popular option is to have two or three mid or short-length chains that sit around the collarbone – you can even stagger them so they sit nestled within each other.

If you prefer to include a longer chain, keep it thin and make the chunkier chain the shorter layer to create a more dynamic balance.

Work with pieces you already own for a look that's uniquely yours.
Work with pieces you already own for a look that’s uniquely yours. (Credit: Supplied: Lovisa)

Inject some uniqueness

We’ve all got pieces we keep squirrelled away for special occasions, perhaps a gifted heirloom or favourite designer item. Consider adding a unique touch to your layering by mixing your one-of-a-kind pieces with contemporary purchases. Play around with different metals, jewels and charms, and create something that truly represents you.

Never forget, fashion is meant to be fun - there are no rules!
Never forget, fashion is meant to be fun – there are no rules! (Credit: Supplied: Lovisa)

Don’t be afraid to have fun!

Jewellery is an ideal outlet for finding your own fashion identity – and remember, rules were made to be broken! Whether you love a bit of bling, fresh pearls or like to keep things minimalist, this trend can be adapted to suit any fashion style. So find the pieces that work for you, play around and experiment. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Keep it friendly

One of the issues with trends is they can often see us making purchases that aren’t great for our wallets – or the planet – as we try to keep up. Which is why we love the layered look so much, because it’s one that we will continue to see on catwalks and red carpets for years to come. Plus, it’s a look that suits both summer and winter dressing, giving you great cost per wear for every chain and necklace you showcase.

Lovisa’s premium real-plated pieces are perfect for this. The curated selection of quality jewellery made from real plated gold, rose gold or sterling silver will complement your everyday wear and help you nail the layering trend without breaking the bank.

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