This Instagram Account Is Dedicated To Spotting Paris’ Chicest Women In The Wild

A sartorial dream come true

It may be called the city of lights, but Paris could arguably be relabelled as the city of style—for, under its alluring Eiffel Tower and glittering balconies off the Champs-Élysée sits not only history’s most prestigious fashion houses but perhaps, the world’s most chic and enviable style. 

While France itself is a treasure trove of admirable styling, Paris, in particular, is a sartorialist’s dream come true.

The worldwide obsession with fashion bred from the French capital is by no means new. For years we’ve attempted to emulate that particular je ne sais quoi in our own wardrobes, whether it be from countless saved lists of It-girl brands and style guides to simple French-girl beauty switches, including recreating those sleek bobs, wispy fringes and timeless red lips

Yes, we’ve long strived to mirror the effortless, cool-girl vibe so easily exuded by Parisian locals, while simultaneously lusting after classical, timeless pieces by designers like Chanel, Dior, and Lanvin. 

And while we can now easily get an inside look into the lives of Paris’ most influential fashion favourites thanks to social media—think Jeanne DamasSabina Socol, and Camille Charrière—there’s nothing quite like spotting the fluid style of French cool-girls displayed in their natural habitat.

Enter: Parisians in Paris
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis
parisians in paris
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis

An Instagram account likened to @influencersinthewild, only much, much chicer. The page—which now boasts over 139,000 followers—is a celebration of Parisiens and their effortless style, posting daily images, which were taken discreetly by onlookers, that perfectly embody the cool, easy sophistication that seemingly comes naturally to those living in the stylish city. 

The leisurely approach displayed by @ParisiensinParis proves exactly why we’ve aspired to the effortless aesthetic so easily nailed by the French for so long. Each image proves that even while going about the most mundane of tasks—from walking the dog to hopping on the train—French fashion is truly a lifestyle. 

There have been women spotted in green berets—so French!—to daring coats you’d think came straight off a Haute Couture runway of Paris Fashion Week. Not to mention countless designer bags slung over the arms of those caught on the streets—from the Rue des Thermopyles to the Rue des Barres.
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis
Parisiens in Paris 🇫🇷/@parisiensinparis

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