HBO’s new four-part docuseries, Allen v. Farrow, is taking the world by storm and shining a spotlight on a sadly well-known story that has continuously evolved since 1992.

Exploring abuse allegations against Woody Allen, by Mia Farrow and their daughter Dylan, the four-part series dives into their retelling of the alleged sexual abuse seven-year-old Dylan suffered at the hands of her adoptive father. As many already know, Allen has denied these claims since they first emerged in 1992, but it hasn’t left him short of a stream of investigations and media interviews that pursue the topic.

Obtaining never-before-seen home video footage—and an unseen tape of Mia Farrow filming her daughter addressing the alleged abuse she experienced in the attic of their Connecticut home—the documentary plans to lift the lid on what really went on with the famous family.

Intrigued? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the docu-series—from the plot and Woody Allen’s response to where you can watch it in Australia.