‘The Bachelor’s’ Matt Agnew Announces He’s Releasing A Debut Book To Explore “Space And Science”

"I'm humbled by the opportunity to share that curiosity and passion in my upcoming book"

Usually, when a former Bachelor heads to his Instagram to announce big news, it’s typically a baby (or new radio gig)just ask Matty J. Today, former Bachie star Matt Agnew, who fronted the 2019 series, has headed to social media to announce he’s releasing his very first book. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce I have signed a publishing deal with @allenandunwin and will soon release my very first book!”, the former reality star wrote.

“I make no secret of how much I’m fascinated by space and science, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to share that curiosity and passion in my upcoming book. 

“I’ve still got a solid slog ahead of me (Rome wasn’t built in a day), but I couldn’t help but share the news!” 

Intrigued? Us too. 

In the book Agnew will reportedly explore “the search for life in the solar system and beyond”, according to WHO. 

Not much else is known about the upcoming book, but considering Matt is an astrophysicist who previously told Australia’s Science Channel he has “ambition to return to research, or even in the capacity of space exploration,” we have a few guesses as to what could be in store. 

While past seasons of The Bachelor Australia have left quite an impression on us, fans of the Channel 10 dating franchise will remember Agnew’s season as one with a minute level of drama. 

But despite the season itself being less than thrilling, Matt and winner Chelsie McLeod’s split was quite the opposite, becoming the most memorable relic from their time on-screen.

Speaking to the So Dramatic! podcast in November 2020, a close friend of Chelsie’s told host Megan Pustetto that “the astrophysicist [Matt] was a real pr*ck to her and yelled at her, and he was mean to her.”

Having announced their split in December 2019, neither Matt nor Chelsie shared any confirmed reason for their break-up. However, fellow contestant Rachael appeared on the podcast to set the record about what went down with the pair.

“I guess what happened was that their relationship on the show didn’t transpire into real life, ” she began.

“He broke up with her, she was like so devo for months. She was kind of like, ‘I just invested my whole year in this guy’ and she just had a shit boyfriend before [dating Matt], and she was like ‘Again? Really?’.”

Since appearing on The Bachelor, Agnew has kept a relatively low profile and remained largely off social media, a decision he told the Herald Sun was “very intentional” after he found himself not in “great shape” after leaving the mansion. 

“It was an element of normality I was seeking, but the big thing for me was I was just putting myself back together,” he said. 

“I did not come out of both the show and the relationship in great shape and I needed time with my close friends and family to pick myself up and put myself back together, really.”

Agnew’s book is expected to be released in 2022. 

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