Rumour Has It, Bella And Irena’s On-Screen Fight Started Because Of A Sneaky Phone Call To Locky

Locky's first choice made waves between the two

As we inch closer and closer to the finale of this season of The Bachelor Australia, the story behind Irena and Bella’s feud has Australia more interested than anything else.

And it seems like the drama is far from over.

As we know, their fight initially took off after Bella became jealous over the attention that Locky had given Irena. Since their fight, many other contestants have come out to bat for Bella, claiming that no one knows the true story behind the dispute.

However, new information has come to light about exactly why the fight even began in the first place.

According to Megan Pustetto, host of the So Dramatic! podcast, there was a sneaky lockdown phone call that apparently kicked things off between the two.

Apparently, Irena was the first woman that Locky had proper conversation with during their time in Love in Lockdown. Rumour has it, when Bella learned of this information, she realised that she no longer was the favourite to win Locky’s heart.

And while we learned that a “body-shaming incident” was supposedly another reason for their blow-up, Pustetto also shed some light on the topic.

Supposedly a member of Irena’s family called in to the podcast to provide some context, saying that she had suffered from an eating disorder in the past, and that she felt she had been “skinny-shamed” by a comment that Bella made about her appearance.

This alleged remark upset Irena, leading her to confide in Steph, which began a ripple effect that saw the Bachelor mansion turn on its head.

Either way, as we approach finale week, there can only be one who wins Locky’s heart once and for all.

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on Network 10.

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