Rumour Has It Locky Gilbert Is Using ‘The Bachelor’ As A ‘Jumping Point’ For A Career In TV

"He has often admitted he enjoys being in front of the camera"

With every day that passes, there is more Bachelor-related gossip to scrutinise—and today is no exception. This time, the rumour mill has its eyes on The Bachelor himself, Locky Gilbert.

According to a source who spoke to Woman’s Day, Gilbert has been using his stint on the show as a “jumping point” to become the TV star that he’s always wanted to be.

“He has often admitted he enjoys being in front of the camera and was looking forward to more TV opportunities centred around the things he likes, like travelling and adventure,” said the source.

“He jumped at the chance to do Survivor: All Stars, and it was around then he realised he could take it further.”

Meanwhile, another insider told the publication that there is constant talk on-set about Gilbert’s future TV career, and some even believe that he has been cast on Network 10’s breakfast show Studio 10, which is currently being revamped.

“Some of the girls were saying he booked in a stack of appearances on the show once The Bachelor was over, and he was using the dating show as a jumping point to become a TV presenter,” a source revealed.

“It caused a lot of issues with the girls—they were divided, some felt it was fine and others didn’t want to become collateral damage for someone who just wanted to add to his acting reel.”

Proving their point, an insider from Network 10 even confirmed to the publication that Gilbert’s future with them is looking “very bright”, even saying that their widespread budget cuts were to “give rise to available and reasonably priced talent like Locky”.

“He’d fit in very well—he’s charming and TV-tested, has fans and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg like some of the presenters on there,” the source said.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see if the rumours are true. 

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