Locky Admits He Can’t Choose A Winner In ‘The Bachelor’s’ Latest Promo And Here We Go Again

"It shouldn’t be this way but it is, I’m in love with both of them”

Every fan of The Bachelor Australia knows exactly where they were for the season six finale. The man of the hour Nick Cummins, was left to choose between two incredible bachelorettes, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman. And in the end, we witnessed—with bated breath—Cummins choose neither of the women, and choosing to leave the show single. 

And while it has become one of the most memorable Bachelor Australia finales to date, it already seems like Locky Gilbert’s season is set to do the same.

Posted on social media during last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise Australia, the show’s latest trailer not only showed Locky and the contestants taking their courtship to the depths of Zoom, but also gave us a sneak peek at Locky’s final decision.

Showing us a montage of Locky getting ready for the last rose ceremony, host Osher Ginzburg describes his final choice as “an ending you won’t believe”, with Locky saying: “It’s ripping me apart, you don’t break up with someone that you love”.

Filled with clips of Locky sporting a crisp, white suit in front of the iconic alter-like finale display, he is seen crying, right after admitting: “It shouldn’t be this way but it is, I’m in love with both of them.”

And while advertising the finale—before the show has even aired—may seem confusing, there is sure to be plenty of drama to indulge up until the last moments.

As we’re all familiar with Nick Cummin’s controversial finale in 2018, it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be thrilled to see a future Bachelor go on to break the hearts of more unsuspecting Bachelorettes.

But until then, we can only hope that this season will be filled with less drama and more whimsical romance.

The Bachelor Australia premieres at 7:30 PM AEST on August 12 on Network 10.

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