MAFS’ Liam Claims The Dinner Party’s Most Controversial Moment Was Cut Out

He's slammed producers for the edit.

Ever since Married At First Sight entered our lives eight seasons ago, we’ve known the drama unfolding onscreen is nothing compared to that happening behind-the-scenes.

Often, couples from Channel Nine’s social experiment take to social media to air their grievances and share what really went down during the series’ most explosive moments, and this time around has to be the most controversial yet. 

This season, a storyline has been taking place off-screen that, according to MAFS groom Liam Cooper, hit boiling point at the reunion dinner party—only we didn’t get to see any of it. 

It all began in early April, when a video featuring contestant Jason was leaked, filmed just three days before the final vows were filmed in December 2020.

The footage in question saw Jason rant about his fellow castmate Liam, while Georgia (Liam’s wife) and Johnny were seen in the background. 

In the clip, Jason uses homophobic and fat-shaming language, calling Liam everything from “ugly” to “fat”, telling the camera “Georgia is way hotter than him [Liam], before going on to question his castmate’s sexual identity, saying he was a “full-blown homosexual.” For context, Liam has openly discussed being bisexual with the group. 

After the video went viral, many fans believed it would become a hot topic of discussion at the cast reunion which aired on Wednesday night, only the conversations were completely cut. 

Following the episode airing, Liam shared a video with gossip podcast So Dramatic! discussing the video, the edit and calling out producers for choosing to ignore the important conversation being had. 

“How god’s name are you guys covering this edit up?” Liam shared with fans on So Dramatic‘s Instagram page, adding the night was dominated by conversations about the leaked video. 

“That video was f*cking disgusting and tonight at the very start of the dinner party we all went to town,” he explained. “I questioned Jason about the video, I pulled Georgia up on this video, Jason just sat there with a f*cking smug look on his face and didn’t even want to talk about it.”

Liam adds Georgia apologised to him for her involvement but alleges she only said so because “she was caught.”  

“To literally sit there and edit this out and make me look like I just walked in there and ignored Georgia is f*cking disgusting,” he says, finishing up by saying the edit was “poor form” by editors and producers. 

You can watch the full video below. 

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