Stop Everything: Pippa Middleton Just Cut Off All Her Hair

You know what that means...

Newlywed Pippa Middleton has followed in her royal sister’s footsteps (as well as brides the world over) and chopped off all her hair. Great hair genes run in the Middleton family, with both sisters having the kind of bouncy brunette locks that suit both long and short hair.

Pippa’s shoulder-skimming lob has raised suspicion, however: is the 34-year-old pregnant? If it seems like a totally unrelated question, consider this: every time Kate Middleton announces a pregnancy, she cuts her hair first. The devious move is thought to detract attention away from the beginnings of a baby bump.

Pippa’s fresh cut was first spotted as she cycled through London today. It’s a straighter, more relaxed look than sister Kate’s new lob, which the Duchess wears with glossy waves.

kate middleton hair
(Credit: Getty)

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