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Brooke Blurton Just Named Her Winner On ‘The Bachelorette’

So are the sweet couple still together?

Well, it’s official—Brooke Blurton has chosen her winner after a whirlwind season of The Bachelorette, with Darvid Garayeli taking her final rose (and an impressive ring). 

In the emotional finale, Brooke went on one final date with both Darvid and runner-up Jamie-Lee Dayz, with both contestants telling the bachelorette that they’re in love with her. 

The 26-year-old had a tough decision to make, but ultimately, it was clear Darvid was the one for her. In fact, it was clear before the final rose ceremony when Brooke broke down in front of the camera, explaining that she’d never realised what finding a soul mate was actually like—until now. 

It’s been a milestone season for The Bachelorette—Brooke is the first ever bisexual person to lead the franchise in Australian history. 

Thus, the season saw both men and women join the diverse line-up. Brooke is also a proud Noongar-Yamatji woman—and she’s long been an advocate for First Nations representation. 

“Obviously I have a cultural background and I’m really proud of that [but] I do know that I don’t represent every single person, as every person’s experience is so different,” she said in a statement before the show aired. 

“But I do represent a minority group that I’m really really proud of and I’m so excited at the fact that we’ll see that representation.”

And what a season she led—the conversations between contestants and Brooke herself about identifying as LGBTQI+ opened the dialogue and made others across Australia feel seen—the first time The Bachelor has achieved this after it first aired in 2013.

It also delved into the importance of heritage—both Brooke and Darvid grew even closer because of it when the pair openly discussed how proud they were of their backgrounds. 

It’s a huge moment for them both (Brooke especially) after helming such a vibrant, inclusive season.

(Credit: Network Ten)

As the winner was revealed at the finale, both Brooke and Darvid appeared happier than ever as the show came to an end. Naturally, that got us wondering: where are they now? 

Bear in mind the season wrapped up filming several months ago, and contestants are required to sign NDAs to keep all details about what happened under wraps. This means Brooke and Darvid have been forced to keep their relationship under wraps for a long time. 

Immediately after the show ended, Brooke confirmed she was besotted as ever with Darvid, penning a humorous Tweet to the show’s host: “@oshergunsbergis is this a good time to say I’ve resigned from the Bachelor franchise? she found love,” Brooke wrote.

The morning after the finale aired, both Brooke and Darvid sat down with marie claire to reveal their big plans for the future. First up? Moving in together. 

“I’m actually moving in today!” Darvid told us. 

“But we’re really looking forward to spending some time off the grid for a couple of days and enjoying each others company. We’re both looking forward to our dogs meeting, too.” 

Brooke added that they were: “Stronger than ever.” 

“I always knew that there was this underlying beautiful connection with Darvid. Obviously there was logistical suff to work out, but in our head were were like, we’ll move, we’ll do what it takes.” 

(Credit: Network Ten)

Indeed, Brooke and Darvid’s connection was clear from the start. 

After the 27-year-old landscaper met Brooke on the red carpet, she smugly told the cameras: “The connection with Darvid is really strong already. It’s a really nice feeling.”

During that first cocktail party, she gave Darvid the coveted white rose, securing him first dibs on a date.

Sharing a picnic on a cliffside (quite literally) on their first date, their spark was solidified. 

Several weeks, a couple of broken hearts, more red roses than one can count and two promise rings to die for later, the pair are official—and we couldn’t be happier for them. 

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